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The price you pay for Microblading/Permanent Makeup.

The price you pay for Microblading/Permanent Makeup.

Microblading and Permanent Makeup, one of the latest and fastest growing trends has taken the beauty industry by storm. Since then, the number of "Artists" is growing increasingly fast and you find an artist on almost every corner. While that seems convenient, the problem isn't in availability, it's in quality, price and most importantly SAFTEY! Although having perfect brows is the ultimate goal, you have to consider several factors when choosing an artist and price should not be one of them. Here's why....

1. When choosing an artist, the first thing you should do is make sure your artist is legit. That should be easy, right? WRONG! Just having a certificate with their name on it does not mean that they are an ARTIST; it means that they have taken a training course, but anyone can do that. Knowledge, passion, and experience should definitely be considered as well. Take a look at their certificate and do some research on their trainers if you still aren't too sure.

2. Make sure your artist is insured and is working out of a safe and clean environment. The last thing you want to do is have your eyebrows done in someone's living room. You MUST keep in mind that there are airborne germs and bacteria that are very present even if you can't see them. Every reputable artist will know better and never put your safety and health at risk. Remember, your safety always comes first!

3. Always read reviews and look at several different pictures of their work. Make sure to see pictures of healed brows, eyeliners, lips, etc because there is a huge difference in what you see after your first procedure and what you see after your touch up (second session) heals.

4. Does the artist offer consultations? They should, because it is very important that you have the opportunity to see if they are a match for you before making such a big commitment. You wouldn't usually get married without dating first, would you? I would hope not, because just like permanent makeup, fixing the issue can be very complicated and much more expensive. Consultations are also really great because you get to have your brows pre drawn and color matched to get an idea of what your results can look like. You can even have a color patch test done, to check for skin senstivities that you will not be allergic or sensitivity to pigments or the procedure itself. There are also many contraindications that could prevent you from being a good candidate for permanent makeup, so again, consultations are extremely beneficial and can really ensure that you are in good hands. At Om Spa, we offer a complimentary pre-consultation (10 min) to briefly answer any questions and to schedule your consultation with a compatible artist.

Now, after taking all this into consideration, you can determine if the price you are given is worth it because beautiful, long-lasting brows aren't cheap and safety is priceless. If you still aren't sure, give us a call or stop in and speak to one of our brow specialist or "Articians" (Artist + Technician) as we like to call ourselves. We love what we do and it truley shows in our craft!

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