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What Does Microblading Without Eyebrows Look Like?

The procedure of eyebrow microblading Chicago beauty community recommends is an effective method for adding volume and shape to the eyebrow. As such, eyebrow microblading can be a great solution for people who lack brow hair, as happens with alopecia or cancer patients.

Is Microblading Possible Without Eyebrows?

Absolutely! This procedure is often performed to create a complete eyebrow look. However, you have to be careful to choose one of the experienced professionals in permanent eyebrows Chicago service, in order to ensure the treatment is carried out properly.

Reconstructing eyebrows with microblading is complex. The main challenge is to create an organic shape and a natural appearance. Each hair stroke is created by hand with pigments that resemble natural hair once the surface is healed.

Does It Look Natural?

When done right, it does. Microblading is superior to powder brows because it resembles natural hair rather than just a shade of color. Powder brows have a make-up finish that can look quite artificial, particularly for people who have lost all their eyebrows.

The professionals experienced in microblading eyebrows Chicago are exceptionally skilled at mapping, in order to achieve a natural shape that goes with your face. After mapping, the artists make a pre-draw prior to microblading, so that you can ask for adjustments or modifications.

Eyebrow Microblading For Cancer Patients

After losing their brow hair to chemotherapy, cancer patients often look for microblading and other techniques of permanent makeup Chicago artists offer. A common question patients ask is when is the right time for microblading based on their schedule for chemotherapy.

Some people opt to get the procedure before chemotherapy, as it can help them deal with hair loss. If so, it is recommended to have it done two months before the chemotherapy treatment. This provides enough time for the skin to heal and to get a routine touch-up.

Patients who request a microblading procedure after chemotherapy are advised to wait at least eight weeks for recovery. The professionals in eyebrow blading Chicago customers trust often ask for blood results to ensure the treatment is safe to perform.

What If I Lose One Eyebrow?

Sometimes we find clients who have lost only one brow and want to have it microbladed. This can be challenging, as a 2D eyebrow look won't have the same natural appearance of a brow with actual hair. Microblading artists should be honest with their customers so that they can have realistic expectations.

Male clients will have bigger and fuller eyebrows than female clients. One hack for a natural look of microblading Chicago artists have, consists of trimming the real brow to make it look similar to the tattooed eyebrow.

At the end of the day, the microbladed brow will look lighter and might lack the depth and shade of a real one, but it will still enhance the natural appearance of the face. Just make sure you hire one of the professionals in eyebrow blading Chicago has for optimal results, whether you have eyebrow hair or not.

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