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Please, we asking you to book/reschedule your appointment if you were exposed to Covid-19 environment or/and person within 14 days before your appointment or when you having symptoms like:

a flue/Covid-19: a fever over 100 F, caught, running nose, etching throat, muscle ache, chills, difficulty with breathing).

If you start experiencing symptoms like that and already have booked appointment, please inform us as soon as possible to reschedule. For all cancellation/ and/ refunds 4% from total amount of booking fee will be charge.

We suggest you to book and make payment online.

Please, properly were mask or facial coverage when entering the spa

Use provided hand sanitizer at the front desk immediately after arrival.

We wear PPE as well (mask, nitrite medical exam glows, facial mask and disposable aprons) and will take you to your private, disinfected room to avoid crowd in the waiting room.

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable coming to the SPA at this time, please postpone to book any service; check our online shop for skin care products and recommendations.