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Eyebrows & Eyelashes  Artistry

Wakeup to lucious lifted , curly and dark lashes that last up to 8 weeks 

Seduce with your gaze

Lash lift and tint is the newest ways to lift, extend and curl your lashes natural way. 

No daily mascara application nor  extensions needed

No eye curler 




Not ready for microblading?
Eyebrows lamination + tint and brows sculpting are the best, instant solution for more thicker, defined darker brows instantly risk free!


Eleebana Keratin Luxuryash Lift 

An alternative, non ivasive service to lash extensions and false lashes, Lash Lift works by giving your natural lashes a long - lasting curled, lucious lifted effect, that will last for up to 6 to 8 or even 12 weeks!

It is done in one safe 30 - minute treatment, finished with lash serum growth factor. Elleebana Lash Lifting uses a safe, chemical process to break down the disulphide bonds of the hair to redirect the lash into a new lifted style. Is gluten free. We use anti-aging collagen pads under the eye, that smooths out fine wrinkles and puffiness.

If  lashes ended up being too curly, the treatment is  reversable withing 24h.

PRE CARE Instruction for lashes and brows lift/lamination: 

Please come to the treatment without any makeup or beauty products on your eyes and DO NOT WEAR contact lenses at that day!

AFTER CARE Lift /Lamination Instruction:

No oils, no creams, shampoo, face washes, makeup removers or pads on lashes / brows, sweating, heat, steam rom different sources including: shower, stem cooking, owen, dishwasher or any applances, tha radiates steam for at least 48 hours. Do not wear any mascara or any eye makeup at all; most mascara contains oil that can break down your lash lift. In terms of sleeping, you need to try your best to sleep on your back so your lashes don't get stuck in one position against your pillow; this includes eye sleeping mask. lashes are stil melable and sleeping sideways / or face down, will cause one or both eyes lashes to mishape.

After 48 hours, your lashes should be set completely, meaning there's nowhere near as many restrictions on what you can and can't do. 

Keratin Lash Lift + Tint 

Add length, volume and lift with this revolutionary treatment. No lash extensions, a lift using only your own lashes, last up to  weeks. . Plus no need to use mascara anymore! Our lash tint dye produces a similar effect to mascara giving a darker and thicker appearance without rubbing off, tyat last up to 4 weeks.


Eleebana Keratin Brows Lamination
It is suitable for brow lamination (allows you to straighten brow hairs with confidence for clients that have unruly or downward growing eyebrow hair.) Strengthens, hydrates and protects. Vegan friendly. Brow lamination treatment  might be reversed if it's within 24 hours of the treatment and by washing with water. RESULTS THAT LAST – 6 to 8 weeks with a reduced chance of irregular grow out in the lash growth cycle.
Initial Eyebrows  Sculpting - we will create perfect shape acording to your uniqe face future and liking by  waxing (hard wax or flex wax) or tweezing. Maintnance is recomendedevery every
2 to 4 weeks.
Lash and/or Eyebrow Semi Permanent Tint
Revolutionary, quick and safe way to replace your daily maskara application with natural hair dye, specially created to treat those delicate hair. The most popular color is Jet Black, but you might opt out for blue - black, dark brown or graphite, depending of your eye color and personal liking. The dyes are not permanent, so there will be a slow fading of color over time. Eyelids  must be completely closed for at least ten minutes (no peeking, unless you want lesser tinted lashes). You must remove contact lenses before the lash tint so we suggest you to were glases that day. o keep that captivating brows/ lashes color on point, you only need to refresh your eyebrow tint every FOUR weeks.

Eyebrows Shaping+ Tint & Lash Tint 
Eyebrows Shaping+ Tint 
Eyebrows Shaping 

Please, come for appointment with clean lashes, do not  wear waterproof mascara/and /or eyeliner. Withing next 24 h after lift, avoid sweating, wetting, excessive heat, sauna, sleeping on lashes - this cause straightening; if it will happen, re-lift is required with regular fee. lash lift and Eyebrows lamination is recomended every 6 to 8 weeks. One PRODUCTS SPOT TEST IS RECOMENDED WITHING 48 HOURS PRIOR APPOINTMENT - IS INCLUDED WITH THE PRICE.

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