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Transforming lives through beauty procedures and learning  

Permanent Makeup Elmhurst &
Medical Tatoo Chicago Clinic and Permanent Makeup Academy

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Catrina's dedication to her field has made her an expert in the most recent techniques and innovations in the beauty industry; she is a qualified and certified esthetician, makeup artist, and sought-after instructor and mentor. Her award-winning work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, and pursuit of perfection, along with her unique creativity, have contributed to the rapid expansion of her firm and suite of training offerings. She has a keen artistic eye and extensive technical knowledge in micropigmentation procedures, and she is committed to improving this field of the industry completely. Read more

“I’ve always been driven to help people with my lifelong passion for artistic creations, including: makeup, skincare, beauty and fashion.”

– Catrina Tansey  

What Our Clients Have to Say:

"This being my first time to get my eyebrows microblading near Elmhurst was a little nerve-wracking. I had to do intense research and consult with Catrina several times to assure me of how the procedure will go, how I can set my expectations, and how to care for my brows following the treatment. Overall, it took us 5 days to get the results I desire. I credit everything to Catrina’s amazing skills and patience. I trust no other clinic of microblading nearby. I would gladly recommend her services to friends looking for an amazing esthetician."

Eyebrow Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent eyebrow makeup may be applied in a number of ways to improve the look of natural eyebrows.

  • Microblading this is perfect for drawing realistic hair with a light, crisp texture. Use the machine (Nano Hair Strokes) or do it by hand.

  • Microshading sometimes called Powder Brows, Ombre Brows, and Combination Brows The artist uses a tattoo machine built for the dotting method, or pixelization, to implant PMU pigments into the epidermis and dermis of the skin.

Depending on the client's skin type, the chosen treatment, and the aftercare regimen, the effects might last anywhere from six months to three years.

Permanent Eyeliner

Do you get tired of applying eyeliner daily? Have you got shaky hands?

Do you find it complicated to keep an equal line while applying eyeliner? Tattooed eyeliner is the answer. Choose your beloved from lash-lengthening mascara, popular winged eyeliner, or trendy eyeliner made from eyeshadow.

With good maintenance, the effect should remain for 3–5 years.