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The Best Paramedical Tattooing Only With Om Spa Permanent Makeup Skin Care & Academy

At Om Spa Permanent Makeup Skin Care & Academy, we bridge the gap between aesthetics and medical rejuvenation with our paramedical tattooing services. Whether you're looking to camouflage scars, recreate natural features, or correct skin discolorations, our expert artists utilize the latest techniques to restore and enhance your appearance. Experience the transformative power of paramedical tattooing, where every stroke is a step toward renewed confidence.

Areola Nipple & Breast

Beyond traditional designs, artistic tattooing techniques have therapeutic applications, especially in medical tattoos in Chicago. One notable application is the creation of 3D nipple tattoos for individuals who decide against nipple surgery. This areola tattoo in Chicago offers a three-dimensional appearance, providing an illusion of an actual nipple protruding from the chest.​

Skin/Vitiligo & Birthmarks

Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition characterized by pale white patches due to a lack of melanin, and it can manifest on any skin area. While medical treatments for vitiligo can be challenging, cosmetic tattoo camouflage, known as paramedical micropigmentation, offers a promising solution for those affected. The procedure necessitates multiple sessions, with the exact number depending on the skin's response to the pigment.​

Stretch Marks

The Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage and Scar Camouflage employ a specialized paramedical aesthetic approach. Through precise tattooing and the use of unique flesh-toned pigments, this technique aims to craft an illusion of natural skin pigment, effectively masking the impacted area.

Scars & Hypopigmented Scars

Scars, especially those lighter than the surrounding skin (hypopigmented scars), can sometimes detract from your natural beauty. At Om Spa, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for scar management. Consult with our experts today to determine the best treatment for your scars. At Om Spa, we prioritize your skin's health and beauty.