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3D nipple tattoos and scar cover-ups in a clean, bright, confidential environment

Artistic tattooing techniques can do more than create designs on the body. They can be very helpful for a medical tattoo in Chicago. Specifically, they can create a 3D nipple tattoo near me in Chicago for those who opt-out of nipple surgery. The result of an areola tattoo in Chicago is seen in a 3D visual that gives the illusion of a real protrusion from the chest.

Women who undergo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy can choose from a few options to recreate the nipple:

· An effective 3D nipple tattoo near me in Chicago        · A surgically replaced nipple        · A grafted nipple replacement  

As no color defines the nipple or areola after breast reconstruction, a medical tattoo in Chicago is perfectly suited to add color even to a surgically created nipple. Beyond surgery to replace the nipple, a 3D nipple tattoo near me in Chicago is Chicago’s non-invasive solution. Tattooing is, of course, 2 dimensional, but with artistic skill, you can achieve a realistic 3D nipple appearance.

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Option 1

An areola 3D medical tattoo artist creates the areola and nipple color and enhances it with the illusion of a protruding nipple.


There is no surgery, and therefore no possibility of        complications. The realism of the tattoo creates texture, freckles, and the illusion of a 3D nipple.

If the procedure is performed at your doctor’s office, it may be bundled together as part of the reconstruction and possibly covered.


X A medical tattoo in Chicago can be a significant out of pocket expense. Most restorative tattoo artists are usually out of network, resulting in only partial coverage by an insurance provider.

X As is the case with any tattoo, a nipple tattoo near me in Chicago will fade over time creating the need for additional color after several years.

Option 2

A medical surgeon creates a nipple protrusion using existing skin or some other method.


✓ A true protrusion substitutes as the nipple, which can then be enhanced with color through a nipple tattoo near me in Chicago. Most unilateral cases may benefit from a surgically created nipple, especially if the contralateral side features a larger nipple.


X After nipple surgery, there may be significant discomfort and the nipples may not be symmetrical to each other. As well, the size and shape of the nipple may change over time, as they tend to flatten, and often more surgery is needed to correct the problem. The protrusion is permanent.  Bilateral cases often shy away from this method if they prefer not to wear a bra.


Option 3

While this option is not seen often, in a unilateral case, assuming the opposing nipple is large enough, the surgeon may be able to graft part of the opposing nipple and attach it to the affected side.


The nipple color is already present so it only requires an areola 3D medical tattoo.


X Complications with the grafted nipple are possible.

Exploring Nipple Reconstruction Options: Surgical Nipple vs. 3D Nipple Tattoo Near Me in Chicago

The choice of a surgical nipple or a nipple tattoo near me in Chicago often arises during an areola tattoo consultation. Nipple creation is a very personal decision. Some surgeons refer their undecided patients to us to discuss the nipple and areola tattoo options. Whether the option is the surgical nipple or the 3D nipple tattoo near me in Chicago, showing before and after photos during the consultation and describing the end result in detail appears to help clients make the right decision for them. The primary concerns for many women are going through the surgery and that the surgically enhanced nipple has a permanent protrusion. As a result, many choose to have a 3D nipple tattoo near me in Chicago instead.


Using a Small 'Baby Bump Nipple' for 3D Nipple and Areola Tattoos in Chicago

One solution is to have the surgeon create a small “baby bump nipple.” This tiny bump that barely raises the skin would serve as a great base for the tattoo.

With a small bump, the nipple protrusion is not obtrusive so it is not an issue with clothing. Plus, some women also opt not to wear a bra if they so desire.  The risk of the shape, size, and location differences that are experienced with too much of a nipple protrusion is also reduced.

With a small baby bump nipple created by a surgeon, we can enhance the effect to create a realistic 3D nipple and areola tattoo near me in Chicago.

How does the areola 3D medical tattoo construct the 3-dimensional illusion of a protruding nipple? A nipple tattoo near me in Chicago can provide just enough of a real look to the breast by utilizing the art theory of shadow and light. Many women find that this step finishes the look completely. Together with the 3D illusion, an areola tattoo near me in Chicago can produce other textures and details in the areola itself, like freckles or Montgomery glands. Both women and men looking for an areola 3D medical tattoo in Chicago to create color and detail post-reconstruction are quite happy with the results provided the artist has the experience and keeps the client involved in the process about color, shape, and size.


Scar Or Skind Color Camouflage Or Areola Restoration - Typical Healing Effects And After Care

Over the next 14 to 21 days your tattooed area will go through three stages of healing:

1. Heal: The body’s natural defenses will create fine scabs to protect the area whilst healing. 

2. Peel: After a few days (usually in between 3rd to 5th) , when the tattooed area is healed, the scabs will fall off. Do Not Pick off the scabs from the treated area as this will result in pigment loss. 

3. Fade: Once the scabs have finely healed and fallen off the tattooed area, you will see a lighter shade of the implanted color. 

After 4 to 6 weeks the pigment in the tattoo will have settled and this will be the color of your nipple and areola. You may decide to have further tattooing to add more color and this will be discussed at your follow up appointment with the artist. 

What should you expect after the procedure?

The dressing, which is applied immediately after tattooing, should remain in place for at least a day/24h  as the areola area may continue bleeding. This dressing should not be allowed to get wet as this may affect the result of the pigment color.

After your treatment you may experience slight swelling and redness and your skin may feel ‘tight’ and very tender. To ease discomfort, you may take over-the-counter pain killers (ask pharmacist or your physician for recommendation). If you have any concerns about pain, please speak to your doctor.

These above  symptoms should subside within 1 to 7 days, depending on how sensitive your skin is. After care instructions must be carefully followed for 14 days after your tattoo to ensure a successful result and to reduce the risk of infection.


The next day

You can have a shower or bath, however, do not use soap or soak the pigmented area with water/steam. Keep the pigmented area clean and dry. Apply soft AD ointment or Mederma cream over the nipple and areola area and place nonstick gauzes (or regular big sized ban aids) in your bra or cover nipples/areolas and secure with medical tape to aid comfort. Be aware necessity of gentle changing those occlusions, since they can stick to your skin anyway and rapid pull can cause skin/scab removal = more pigment loss and risk of  developing a scar.

You might keep wearing band aids/gauzes daily whenever you are outside of the house but at the house you might remove them and let the body breath; wear only clean, very soft t-shirt if possible.

Do not sleep on your stomach. To prevent infection, try not to touch the pigmented area with your fingers until it is completely healed (about 3 to 3 weeks.

Recommendations After The Procedure

* Wear sterile gauze for 30-60 minutes after procedure than remove it.
* Keep area away from water for at least for 72 hours. If needed wash quickly and gently with antibacterial soap, but do not soak!
* Keep moist by applying extremely thin coat of A&D ointment  once to twice per day for 5 days; every time uses a clean cotton swab. NO DUBBLE DIPPING.
* No vigorous exercise for 5days. You can wear sterile, breathable gauze over treated area if this makes skin less irritated from clothes through the day but removed it for the night; gauze must be change daily.
* DO NOT use regular body lotion, baby oil or Bacitracin or Neosporin or any SPF until completely healed –about 14 days.
* Do not apply any  topical make up to cover up the redness, no swimming, spray tanning or sun/bed exposure for 30 days.
* Don’t use any alcohol for cleanup /disinfection nor  none of  over the counter antibiotic’s  ointments (Neosporin, Bacitracin-they can cause allergic reaction and pigment color change/loss)
* Stay away from sweating, saunas, pools, exercise, direct sun, spray tanning and self-tanning products, beaches and dirty/dusty places. 

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How Looks Healing Process Schedule

Pigment appears 30-50% darker than expected. You are going to lose it within 7 days. Skin on treated area is red irritated and tender. The redness can last up to 3 days.

You can now comeback to the facility to complete your next appointment within 30-60 days.

NOTE: Permanent makeup procedures are affected by the canvas (your skin) that they are performed on. If your skin is sun damaged (even from tanning beds), thick and uneven in texture, or excessively dry or oily the result cannot be expected to be perfect after the initial procedure. Scars cannot hold on pigment well or sometimes might reject pigment at all. Lifestyle, medications, smoking, metabolism, a surgery, age of skin- all contribute to pigment fading. At least one or two  follow ups  are needed 30 to 60 days after your initial procedure to ensure the best results and to keep your permanent cosmetics looking the best. Color refresher session might be needed after a few years.  Your procedure maintenance, as outlined in this pamphlet directions, is very important.  To fail with post treatment follow –up visit might result in low quality and longevity of your permanent cosmetic tattoo.
If you have any further questions, please contact Om SPA technician- Spa line: 773 853 0839

Cellphone:773 641 3373 or email info@omspachicago.com 


Check out Sharsheret for Areola Financing

Om  SPA LLC, Katarzyna Tansey and her independent contractors, affiliates are  properly trained and licensed for their trade and business, but we are not a medical professional, so  please, seek medical attention immediately in a case of symptoms of infection or allergy;  the area looks infected when honey colored crusting and excessive oozing or spreading redness, if you experience an unusual discomfort or excessive bleeding, excessive redness, swelling, tenderness of procedure site, elevated body temperature, rash or purulent drainage from procedure site or  if any other complications develop. If you have any extreme reaction (such as moderate to severe facial swelling, moderate to severe rash, any difficulty breathing, or you are in any distress) call 911 and go to the emergency department. Please note that some redness, swelling, and tenderness, oozing and itching is normal process of healing. Please read details below. For any other concerns please contact OM SPA.

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If you are considering areola tattooing as a last step of breast reconstruction, you likely have many questions about what to expect before, during and after your procedure. We want to make sure you feel confident and informed about your procedure.

Here, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about areola tattooing:

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