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Advanced and Gentle Tattoo Elimination Techniques at Om Spa

In the realm of non-laser saline and Rejuvi permanent makeup removal, Om Spa emerges as a forerunner. Boasting over two decades in the world of permanent cosmetics and saline extraction, we deliver top-tier services and mentor budding professionals in the intricacies of saline removal.


Why You Should Choose Om Spa Permanent Makeup Skin Care & Academy?

• Precision in Practice: We at Om Spa hold our keen attention to detail in high regard. Our accredited experts strive for optimal results, ensuring you leave satisfied.

• Accreditations Galore: Our certifications in Lift Saline, Emergency Lift Saline Removal, and Rejuvi highlight our dedication to staying updated with the newest trends and advancements.

• Exemplary Client Support: Your ease and welfare are paramount to us. Our welcoming team will accompany you throughout the removal journey, ensuring you remain informed and at ease.

• An Oasis of Privacy: With dedicated procedure chambers, Om Spa promises an intimate and confidential environment for your sessions.

• Tranquil Spa Ambiance: Engulf yourself in a peaceful spa setting, accentuated by harmonious tunes and aromatic fragrances. We aim to gift you an unruffled and rejuvenating experience.

Saline-Based Pigment Removal

Our method hinges on a unique saline solution combined with reverse osmosis, gently dissolving pigment molecules. In this procedure, pressure propels the saline mixture—laden with pigment fragments—out of the skin. This progressive depigmentation assists in diminishing tattoos or lasting cosmetics. It stands as a tender, safe, accurate, and predominantly natural approach, providing an effective alternative to conventional methods without the hazards of scarring or skin damage. Implementing this saline technique requires either a manual tattoo instrument or a specialized machine. It's also applicable, with careful consideration, to ethnic or darker skin tones.


This non-laser saline tattoo removal approach is trustworthy and efficient for various tattoo shades and permanent cosmetics, except for extensive traditional body tattoos (due to time inefficiency). Compared to lasers, it's less agonizing and more gentle on the skin. Furthermore, it's adept at handling all hues, including white (which can darken with laser removal), red, yellow, and other shades.


Rejuvi Lightening Technique

Expert technicians apply the Rejuvi paste directly over the tattoo. This paste is a concoction of specific chemicals designed to dissipate and lighten tattoo ink.

  • Infusion: With a method akin to tattooing, the paste is meticulously integrated into the skin, resulting in micro-damages in the tattooed region, enabling the paste to delve deep into the skin strata harboring the tattoo pigment.

  • Dissolution of Ink: Upon absorption, the paste interacts with tattoo dyes. The active compounds in the paste dissolve ink particles, turning them into tinier fragments.

  • Ejection: As healing progresses, the skin naturally discharges these fragmented ink pieces. Some may form scabs and shed, while the remainder is processed out by the body's lymphatic mechanism.


An essential pointer: While both Saline and Rejuvi tattoo removal techniques can be efficacious, outcomes might differ among individuals. Not all tattoos uniformly react to these methods. Proper post-treatment care and healing time are vital for optimal results and to dodge possible scarring or issues. Always seek advice from a seasoned technician to craft a tailored removal blueprint.

Laser Extraction

This method uses potent light beams to shatter pigments, potentially being more agonizing and escalating the likelihood of scars, especially for certain ink hues. Extensive sessions might be required. For large, vivid tattoos, targeting pronounced fading or total eradication, laser removal could be the apt pick.


Ideal vs. Less Ideal Candidates: Saline and Rejuvi methods are apt for permanent makeup applications like eyebrows, eyeliners (Rejuvi is an exception), lip outlines, or minor traditional tattoos not exceeding the size of a hand's palm.


Potential Hazards: While both saline and Rejuvi methods are predominantly secure, there's a possibility of transient redness, puffiness, or scabbing. These reactions are usually fleeting and moderate. Ensure your skin is in prime condition, sans sunburns, and remember to take off any body jewelry before commencing the removal procedure.


Getting Ready for Your Session

• Patch tests are generally not mandatory for removal. However, if you possess allergies or a darker skin shade, it's an exception. Such skin tones are susceptible to hyperpigmentation, leading to significant skin darkening or lightening upon injury.

• Refrain from tanning for a few weeks leading up to your session, and ensure you're not sunburned when you come in.

• Discontinue the use of Retin-A, Retinols, and steroid ointments at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment, and keep them away from the treatment area for the subsequent 30 days.

• If you are expecting or nursing, undergoing this procedure is not recommended.
• Limit direct sunlight and tanning before your removal treatment.

• Share any pertinent medical information or medications with your technician.

• Ensure your skin is in prime condition and devoid of any irritations.

Recovery and Post-Treatment Care

First 48 Hours: Post-saline removal, the treated skin will begin to dry. There shouldn't be any oozing or bleeding. Let the skin dry naturally, avoiding disturbances. Steer clear of sweat-inducing activities, do not rinse the treated region, and refrain from applying any skincare products. This phase is pivotal for optimal recovery and results.

  • Procedure Day: Expect the treated zone to feel sore with visible redness and swelling.

  • Initial Days: A scab will form over the treated region.

  • After One Week: The scab will still be noticeable.

  • Following 2 Weeks: The scab will likely have shed, unveiling a pinkish or discolored, sensitive layer that's healing.

  • One Month Mark: The skin should be back to its usual appearance.

  • Two Months Onward: Ideally, the zone should be fully recuperated, preparing it for any follow-up sessions.


What You Should Do
During The Healing Process

  • Unless you're in environments prone to infections, like hospitals, it's best not to cover the treated zone.

  • Let the healing occur organically, resisting the urge to wash or tamper with the area.

  • Abstain from applying lotions and using soaps on the affected spot.

  • Shield the area from direct sun exposure.

  • Until complete healing, steer clear of using topical makeup concealers on the treated skin.

  • Hold off on engaging in sweat-triggering activities or immersing the area in water until the scab naturally sheds off.

  • Let the scab fall off by itself.

  • Once the scab is gone, nourish the skin with vitamin E oil or any recommended salve from your technician.

  • Adhering to these guidelines will foster a secure and effective recovery post your saline/or Rejuvi tattoo removal.

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    No, we ship ONLY in Illinois
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    Call us at 1-773-853-0839 and we will gladly take your order over the phone.
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    You will receive an email confirmation when you place your order. If you do not receive one immediately, check your spam folder or email us to info@omspachicago.com or fill out the contact us form
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    We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover, PayPal as well as Chase Quick Pay send to info@omspachicago.com
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    Click the Login/Account icon at the top of the page. Follow the prompts to retreive your username or password. We recommend using your email address as your username. If you did not create a shopping account when you purchased, that's ok! Give us a call and we will let you know the status of your product. 1-773-853-0839
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    Om SPA online services are hosted and protect by Wix. Wix contracts security consultants to ensure the security of our user information. They perform regular security audits and infiltration testing to maintain our ISO/PCI security certifications. Any issues that are reported to our security team or raised during security audits these are resolved as soon as possible. Wix encrypts databases containing sensitive information, according to PCI standards, to add additional protection of personally identifiable information. Our encryption methods renders this information unreadable without a cryptographic key. Wix has a multiple layer security architecture to help protect against 0-day security issues. Wix's signup and login services are completed through a secure server. The information provided to Wix in the signup process is secured via HTTPS/ SSL communication. Wix uses cryptography hash functions to protect your information. Your password is stored as a hash digest and, in the event of a security breach, your original password cannot be recovered from our servers. If you believe you've found a security issue or vulnerability, please contact the Wix Security team. Click here to learn more.
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    Yes. Click here to Buy a gift certificate ›
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    There are four easy ways to get product recommendations: - Go to our Shop and filter products by your skin type - Take the Skin Type Quiz - Schedule a Virtual Consultation - Contact us for assistance
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    We recommend speaking with your healthcare professional to determine if you should use any of our products while pregnant.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Safe Tattoo Removal Methods

Consider Om Spa located in Portage Park, Chicago, for your non-laser saline and Rejuvi permanent makeup removal needs. Our accredited professionals prioritize delivering top-tier, safe results, ensuring you're at ease throughout your journey. Schedule your consultation now and take the first step towards reclaiming your ink-free skin.

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