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LIFT Saline Lightening Solution - Non Laser Tattoo Removal



For the last 10 years, Li Pigments has been working on saline pigment lightening products for organizations throughout the entire world and LiFT has become a great partner. Over the years the productivity of their research department has put them at the forefront of the non laser tattoo removal Chicago product space.



LIFT Saline Lightening Solution has no chemicals or acid and is salt based. It also includes fruit seed extract that when applied to the skin can lighten its appearance significantly making a permanent makeup procedure invisible to the naked eye. To create this great product the cleanest salts in the world were carefully selected and implemented. Once these salts are gathered they are ground down into a fine powder that removes grit and promotes fast and painless implementation.

LIFT Ingredient List

Lemon Seed Extract and Orange Seed Extract:
These two components are vital to the product's ability to effectively bring about fading and exfoliation. They make a great combination when blended and are essential for the process.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice:
This works as an anti-inflammatory measure to soothe your skin and works great for healing wounds.

Calendula Extract:
There are many beneficial factors with this substance such as antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties which help to soothe your skin.

Sterile Water:
Another vital part of the process is to use sterile water during its creation. Li Pigments has a policy that only allows sterile water.

Sodium Benzoate:
This resource is a popular preservative that includes anti-fungal elements that fight against bacteria.

Potassium Sorbate:
This is another safe and popular ingredient that stops mold growth in its tracks as well as yeast and some bacteria.

Our experts took careful consideration into making this project that guarantees it works for machines and manual users. This material is thin so it's easy to work with on machines but also thick enough to stick to hand tools.


LIFT tattoo removal Chicago is the treatment you can trust for all of your needs including eyeliners. This works very similarly to how anesthetics do and has the ability to go around your eye. This involves dropping Lubricant Eye Gel that connects with your eyes directly. It is imperative that you hydrate your eye and coat it during non laser tattoo removal Chicago procedure.

The process, safety, effectiveness, and durability of Li-FT is the reason it caught on so quickly. Saline tattoo removal Chicago using lightening products is designed to help you overcome the need for laser operation and get the results you want.

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