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Treatments For Men

Dive into the realm of transformative aesthetics at Om Spa Permanent Cosmetics Clinic and Academy. We stand as your authoritative source for permanent makeup and micropigmentation services tailored for men in Chicago, Illinois. Our expansive suite of services encompasses microblading eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos, scalp micropigmentation, beard pigmentation, scar concealment tattoos, skin Vitiligo camouflaging tattoos, and 3D areola nipple restoration for males. Uncover the myriad advantages of these interventions and how they can amplify your self-assuredness and refresh your appearance in moments.

Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo for Men

Our specialized eyebrow tattoo service for men crafts impeccably contoured brows, granting you extra moments in your daily prep routine. Transition from patchy or misaligned brows to an empowered countenance. We implant ink as minuscule strokes that seamlessly emulate the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. Wondering which eyebrow style suits men the best? Typically, we lean towards Nano brows or Microblading techniques. To ascertain the best fit, schedule a session with our specialists.​

Lip Tattooing for Men

Step up to richer, more prominent lips with our specialized lip tattoo services tailored for men in Chicago, Illinois. Whether you're inclined towards a subtle hue enhancement or aim to counteract the darkened patches characteristic of smoker’s lips, address Vitiligo, or conceal scars including cleft lip, our technique corrects unevenness, revitalizes color, and uplifts self-esteem. For vitiligo cases, lip tattoos can reintroduce color to zones that have witnessed pigment loss. Requiring minimal upkeep and offering enduring outcomes, it stands as a hassle-free and potent method to procure the lip appearance you've always envisioned. Engage with our adept tattoo professional to delve into the vast horizons of lip tattooing and set forth on a transformative journey towards rejuvenated and vibrant lips.