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Virtual Video Consultation/60min
Check Skin type + Personalized Skin Care System/
via Zoom


FREE Virtual Skin Consultation + Products  Recommendation 

with purchase of $99+ skin care products

This consultation is done via e-mail correspondence only. It can be free if you've made a purchased of $99+ skin care products and emailed the purchase receipt along with all your questions to our Esthetican (click on the orange button to send email along with purchase receipt)

After that look for an email from Om Spa Skin Expert with personalized skin care test; please respond ASAP so we can analyze in depth all information and advise you on best personalized skin care regiment for home with suggestions for professional treatment/s as well. 

Allowed us up to 7 business days for respond.

Available in English or Polish 

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All Virtual  Video Consultation appointments are treated like regular appointments, that mean you must provide a credit card number at the booking time. Also, to avoid charges for no show  or late cancellation fee-  (less than 48 business hours) please, be on time, otherwise  you will lost your time slot and be charge for the service. To book another consultation you will be asked to pre pay booking fee again. To check Om Spa Policy, Cancellations please visit 

Virtual Skin Consultation via Video Call (Zoom, Skype etc)

or regular call 60 min / $149

Receive a coupon for $25 OFF for Image Skin care online  purchase with booked appointment 

The goal of this personalized virtual skin analysis with Om SPA seasoned esthetician is:

-to provide you with a complete results-oriented treatment plan, that addresses your skin concerns and goals

-provide you with better knowledge and necessary products to take care of your skin on the most effective, result orientated way


-evaluates your skin care goals, your current routine, lifestyle along with your diet habits and cosmetics you use


-you will receive detailed recommendation for best products and daily regimen protocols

Includes a comprehensive Q & A to find out about your skin condition and address all concerns at once

Why spend money on products you don't know will they work, while you can have your Personal skin coach at your own service?

After booking appointment our stuff member will contact you about video platform we will be used.

Available in English or Polish/ CDT .

The time for consultation is exclusively reserve for you, so credit card info is required at the booking time. 

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Skin Care Products and Regiment Evaluation/ $49

Book and get $10 OFF toward your next appointment

NO product purchase necessary!

-does your current facial cosmetics has all best ingredients that your skin needs?

-how do you know are you using the right, most defective products?

-are there any harmful toxins, fillers or preservatives in your current regiment that are harmful to your health and could be easy replace for the better one?

-would you like to see almost instant results ?

-do you have a special event you wish  to look your best  but you are not sure what to do on a very limited time and budget?

Why guess on your own, risk skin irritation, waste time and money on treatments/products that won't work, when our experienced Esthetician is at your disposal at any time?

Find out about all here in this email consultation.

Please, submit via email

-pictures of the front and back label from every products you use with clearly visible ingredients and brand name (might take a cellphone's photo)


-list of all products do you exactly use (a cleanser, cream, serum, etc) and how many time during a day/week  (am and or pm?)  

-In 3 words describe;

-Your skin type the way you feel it (oily, combinations, acne or acne pron, dry and sensitive, mature) 

-describe your 3 most current skin challenges (lack of elasticity and wrinkles, blemishes and/or discolorations, acne scars /breake outs, excessive oiliness and enlarge pores, sensitivity/redness, dullness with dehydration, dark puffy eyes)

-in one short sentence or bullet points, tell us what results would you consider as an improvement withing a month and next three months?

(better texture and firmness, less discolorations and blemishes with reduced acne scars/ and oiliness, smaller pores, brighter, more glowing skin, even skin tone, smoother skin with less noticeable wrinkles etc

-how soon do you want to see positive results?

-briefly describe what is your current life style,medication/supplement and diet?

E-mail all information to and 

allow for 7 business days to answer. CDT/  English or  Polish available