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Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner tattoo near me in Chicago is a cosmetic procedure that involves the application of pigment along the upper or lower eyelids to create the appearance of a defined and long-lasting eyeliner.

 It can enhance the natural shape and color of the eyes, making them appear more defined. Additionally, it can be particularly beneficial for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to regular makeup.

The process begins with a consultation to discuss the desired look, thickness, and color of the eyeliner. The technician will then apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area, ensuring minimal discomfort during the procedure. Using precise strokes, the pigment is implanted into the uppermost layer of the skin along the lash line, creating a permanent makeup effect.

Looking For Eyeliner Tattoo Nearby Chicago?

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Smoky permanent eyeliner

Smoky Eyeliner is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves the application of pigments to create a soft, smoky effect along the lash line. It offers a long-lasting solution for those who desire perfectly defined eyes without the hassle of daily makeup application.

Classic eyeliner

Classic Eyeliner Permanent makeup eyeliner is a cosmetic procedure to enhan the eyes' appearance. It offers long-lasting definition and eliminates the need for daily eyeliner application. The procedure involves careful precision and can create various styles and thickens from subtle to bold, based on personal preference.


Lash Enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that involves applying pigment along the lash line to create the illusion of fuller and defined lashes. It offers a long-lasting solution for those seeking to enhance their natural lashes without the need for daily makeup application.

Eyeliner Tattoo Near Me in Chicago - FAQ

Q: What is permanent eyeliner near me in Chicago?

A: Permanent makeup eyeliner is a cosmetic procedure that involves applying pigment to the upper or lower eyelids to create the appearance of eyeliner. The pigment is implanted into the skin using a fine needle or blade.  The purpose of permanent makeup eyeliner is to enhance the eyes and create a long-lasting eyeliner look.

Q: How is permanent makeup eyeliner applied?

A: The process of applying permanent makeup eyeliner typically involves several steps. First, a consultation is conducted to discuss your desired eyeliner style, thickness, and color. The technician will then clean and numb the area to minimize discomfort. The process may take several sessions to achieve the desired results, with touch-ups required to perfect the eyeliner over time.

Q: Is permanent makeup eyeliner permanent?

A: While the term "permanent" is used to describe the procedure, the results of permanent makeup eyeliner are not truly permanent. Over time, the pigmented color will fade and may need touch-ups to maintain its desired appearance. Factors such as skin type, sun exposure, and individual body chemistry can affect the longevity of the eyeliner. 

Q: Does permanent makeup eyeliner hurt?

A: The level of discomfort experienced during permanent makeup eyeliner application can vary depending on an individual's pain tolerance. Numbing creams or are applied before the procedure to minimize discomfort. Some people may feel a slight scratching or tingling sensation during the process, but it is generally tolerable. After the procedure, there might be some swelling, redness, or tenderness in the treated area, which should subside within a few days.

Q: Are there any risks or side effects associated with permanent makeup eyeliner?

A: Like any cosmetic procedure, permanent makeup eyeliner carries some risks and potential side effects. These may include infection, allergic reactions to the pigments used, scarring, dissatisfaction with the results, or color changes over time. It is crucial to follows strict hygiene and safety protocols to minimize these risks. Additionally, proper aftercare, such as avoiding sun exposure and following the technician's instructions.

Q: How should I prepare for permanent permanent eyeliner tattoo near me in Chicago?

A: To prepare for permanent makeup eyeliner, it is essential to find a skilled and reputable technician with a clean and sanitary environment. Before the procedure, you may be advised to avoid blood-thinning medications, alcohol, and caffeine to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding and bruising. Follow the technician's instructions regarding pre-procedure care.

Q: How long does the permanent makeup eyeliner procedure take?

A: The duration of the permanent makeup eyeliner procedure can vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of the design, the skill of the technician, and the client's individual needs. On average, the initial procedure can take approximately one to two hours. Touch-up sessions, if necessary, may take shorter amounts of time.

Q: Can I remove or change permanent makeup eyeliner?

A: While permanent makeup eyeliner is designed to be long-lasting, it is possible to remove or modify the appearance. However, complete removal can be challenging and may require multiple removal sessions.

*All procedures require two appointments 4-10 weeks apart. Follow up visit is booked at the same day.

*A Nonrefundable, Nontransferable (NO EXEPTIONS) $100 registration fee (liquidated damages) is required at every appointment booking to secure your date and time.

*All Registration fees are not credited towards your appointments

***Prices are subject to change at any time without previous notice

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