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Camuflaje de tatuaje de cicatrices y estrías


Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Chicago & Scar Camouflage Chicago is a paramedical aesthetic technique that uses a meticulous tattooing technique with custom proprietary flesh tone pigments. This method is intended to create a pigment illusion in order to conceal the affected area

To know whether you can undergo stretch mark micropigmentation Chicago depends on the color, type, age of your scar, and any medical or skin conditions you are experiencing. Stretch mark camouflage Chicago utilizes skin tone tattoo ink when your stretch marks are lighter than the skin around it. The scars or stretch marks should not be red or dark. When the scars you wish to cover are darker than the skin around them, try the derma pen micro-needling or enlightening dry-needling treatment (MCA) using serums to lighten or soften the scar tissue gradually. Meanwhile, red stretch marks indicate skin is still in its healing stage, which needs some time to turn lighter. When these scars stay red even after two years, try healing them with the help of dry-needling.

Scar reductionMagicErasers after onesession..jpg
Scar Inkless Reduction before and after.jpg


Remember that the process serves to disguise the area to make it less obvious rather than correcting the flaw. Stretchmarks Chicago, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, surgery, and healed scars from prior injuries are the most often treated locations.

Who isn’t eligible:

This treatment is not for you if: you are pregnant, have infections, skin cancer or chronic skin diseases in the treated area, keloid scarring

Stretch marks due to its slightly lower position than normal skin, become visible. To correct this issue, we usually perform micro-needling or dry tattooing treatments involving steps similar to regular treatment. The only difference is that it doesn’t involve the use of ink. During the treatment, the scarred skin is carefully damaged to encourage an efficient healing process by stimulating elastin and collagen production. Eventually, the scars will become lighter and softer and will no longer look noticeable when completely healed. Take note that micro-needling/ MCA dry tattooing and scar camouflage tattoo Chicago are not similar. Each utilizes different needles and requires different techniques.

Scar inkles reduction before and after.jpg

What Makes You a Suitable Candidate for the Stretch Mark Camouflage Chicago Procedure?

En algunos casos, un cliente debe someterse a una punción o microaguja MCA antes de pasar a la tinta del tatuaje. La razón detrás de esto es relajar la cicatriz y la piel y estimular la curación, lo que generalmente toma de 2 a 3 sesiones. Si primero necesita someterse a una microaguja, nuestros expertos le aconsejarán que lo haga. El camuflaje de cicatriz Chicago no es para todas las personas, ya que existen algunas excepciones. Este tratamiento cosmético no se recomienda para personas con un trastorno hemorrágico, embarazadas y muchas más. Para saber si es apto para el tratamiento o no, nuestros especialistas lo comentarán con usted antes del tratamiento.

1. Tipos de estrías adecuadas para el tratamiento: planas, lisas y blancas


2. Tipos de estrías NO aptas para el tratamiento


Las estrías que están hiperpigmentadas no se pueden ocultar con tinta de color de piel y aún pueden sanar.

Lo más probable es que las estrías que son rojas o rosadas sigan sanando y eventualmente se vuelvan blancas.

o las estrías moradas probablemente aún se están curando y pueden volverse blancas en el futuro.

Muy ligero

El contraste del color de la piel es insuficiente. Tener estrías del tono de la piel tiene el mismo efecto que camuflarlas.

Scar Hyperpigmentation Areola Before.jpg


Stretch marks due to its slightly lower position than normal skin, become visible. To correct this issue, we usually perform micro-needling or dry tattooing treatments involving steps similar to regular treatment. The only difference is that it doesn’t involve the use of ink. During the treatment, the scarred skin is carefully damaged to encourage an efficient healing process by stimulating elastin and collagen production. Eventually, the scars will become lighter and softer and will no longer look noticeable when completely healed. Take note that micro-needling/ MCA dry tattooing and scar camouflage tattoo Chicago are not similar. Each utilizes different needles and requires different techniques.


In some cases, a client needs to undergo MCA needling or micro-needling first before moving on to tattoo ink. The reason behind this is to relax the scar and skin and encourage healing that usually takes 2 to 3 sessions. If you need to undergo micro-needling first, our experts will advise you to do so. Scar camouflage Chicago is not for all people as there are some exemptions. This cosmetic treatment is not advised for people with a bleeding disorder, pregnant, and many more. To know whether you are suitable for the treatment or not, our specialists will discuss it with you before treatment.

Scar Tattoo Camouflage before.jpg
Scar Tattoo Camouflage after.jpg


Before applying medical tattoo ink, a customer may occasionally need to undergo MCA needling or micro-needling. This is done in order to encourage healing, which typically requires two to three sessions, and to relax the skin and scar. Our professionals will suggest you have micro-needling initially if that’s what you need to do. There are some exceptions, thus scar camouflage Chicago is not appropriate for everyone. Pregnant women, those with bleeding disorders, and many others should avoid this cosmetic procedure. Our doctors will talk with you before the procedure to see whether you’re a good candidate for the therapy or not.


Depending on the locale, a session lasts about 1-3 hours. To find out if you qualify and to get a quote, kindly complete your consultation.

Are there any downtimes during the procedure?

It's a non-invasive process like getting a tattoo. Because of this, there’s little to no downtime, and the majority of customers can resume their normal lives the same day or the following day.

Scar Tattoo Camouflage before and After..jpg


After the process, the region will be wrapped; it’s crucial to remove the wrap and keep the area open to the air for two hours. Avoid touching the area and maintain your hands clean. Keep harsh soaps, creams, perfumes, and lotions to a minimum. For the greatest results, stay away from massage, swimming, active sun exposure, and sweating too much. Comprehensive aftercare instructions will be given. Although the appearance could get better after the first treatment, the end effect takes time! It's crucial to realize that every client heals uniquely and that we’re unable to forecast how your skin will react to the pigment (as with any tattoo). Standards involving paramedical aesthetics are carried out under rigorous adherence to safety and infection control procedures. Infection, allergic reactions, granulomas, and keloid forms throughout the healing phase are some of the unforeseen dangers associated with these operations, in general. Please be aware that because this is a cosmetic tattooing treatment for stretch mark camouflage, there’s no guarantee that the pigment will stay in the skin after healing. Results are generally positive, although they can change depending on your skin type and how quickly you heal.


Bring a pillow and comfy, loose clothing with you! During your session, the consent and consultation forms will be reviewed and established. To decide if you qualify, the area will be assessed. We will evaluate your skin tone as a client and create a unique stretch mark micropigmentation recipe to fit. This color spot test is essential since medical pigment stretch mark tattoo camouflage is an unpredictable procedure. The final healed color may alter from the initial hue, just like with cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup. It may take a few days for the redness, swelling, and inflammation in the treated area to go away, but this is typical and to be anticipated. Aquaphor can be applied to the region to treat minor itching.



The location and severity of the stretch mark removal Chicago or scars procedure that needs to be treated determine the procedure's overall cost, which varies widely depending on the technician. The price per area at OMSPA ranges from $500 to $2,000. We offer you a free, no-obligation initial consultation that can take place in person or online, during which a formal quote can be provided to establish the final cost.

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