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BB Glow Treatment Explained Step By Step

The BB glow skincare Chicago beauty community users are going for became popular some years ago as a means to cover every skin complexity issue. It was engineered as a solution to smooth the surface of the skin with anti-aging properties, and it’s considered a semi-permanent alternative to foundation or concealer.

What Is A BB Glow Treatment?

In beauty language, BB stands for blemish balm or beauty balm. It aims to provide the benefits of a BB cream, which is similar to a light coverage foundation that conceals imperfections while nourishing the skin. In short, the BB glow foundation Chicago salons offer can enhance the appearance of the skin by applying pigments that hide imperfections and unify the color of the skin.

The proper way to perform the bb glow foundation treatment Chicago customers expect is through a micropigmentation procedure with the use of nano needling. Nanoneedles are ultra-thin needles that are contained in a derma pen, which makes micro incisions while infusing pigmented serums that nourish the skin. This means that providing the color is not the sole purpose of this treatment.

The BB Glow Treatment Step By Step

The top-quality semi permanent foundation Chicago professionals offer consists of serial steps, each with its own dedicated products according to its purpose, as shown below:

  • Cleaning

As the treatment involves disruption of the skin, it is imperative to clean the area from any remains of dirt, makeup, and other skin products to keep bacteria away from the incisions. Using a gentle cleanser that won’t damage the skin before the treatment will do the job.

  • Exfoliating Gel

The next step involves applying an exfoliating agent to the skin. This is crucial to remove the dead skin cells in order to enhance the absorption of the serums for the BB glow permanent foundation Chicago makeup artists use.

  • Neutralizer

A neutralizer solution usually comes as a foam, and it has the purpose of interrupting the effect of acids. This is a crucial step, as leaving them for a long time can cause damage to the skin.

  • BB Booster Round

Here’s where the derma pen starts its job. By performing a circular motion all around the surface, the fine needles that are contained by the derma pen penetrate the skin. This round involves the application of serums aimed at certain skin conditions. They can range from moisturizing to more dedicated formulas such as treatments for acne scars, redness, fine line, and wrinkles, and glow effects.

  • BB Round

This is where the pigment is applied in the form of a vitamin serum. For the overall surface of the face a serum one shade lighter than the skin tone is used. However, another technique of permanent foundation makeup Chicago beauty salons offer is contouring by making use of darker shades in strategic spots, and even applying a slightly rosy shade to create the effect of blush.

  • Hydrating Mask

Finally, a nourishing sheet mask is applied in order to hydrate and soothe the skin. Just like any other sheet mask, it is laid on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes and the remaining substance can be rubbed onto the skin.

BB Glow Recovery

The procedure for BB glow semi permanent foundation Chicago market offers causes virtually no damage to the skin, as the needles don’t go too deeply into the skin. This is why recovery time is not necessary. Even though there might be some redness and swelling, it is expected to go away soon.

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