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A Few Facts About Areola Tattoo Chicago

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Areola Micropigmentation is a method by which women who have had mastectomies or reconstructive surgery can cover their scars through contouring, shadowing, feathering, and highlighting. An areola tattoo Chicago expert will select colors and application methods that will look natural and beautiful. A meaningful image micro pigmented over the scars can aid healing physically and provide significant and positive reminders of the struggles in a person's life.

Mastectomies and reconstructive surgery scars can take up to a year or eighteen months to heal. Everybody heals at a different rate depending on your lifestyle, diet, and exercise routines. Areola 3D medical tattoo Chicago placed over scar tissue will be more painful and sensitive than undamaged skin tissue, So be sure that your scars have healed adequately before attempting areola tattoo. There are many surgical methods in reconstructing realistic-looking nipples. Once your body has had time to heal, that is when the micro-pigmentation can safely take place. Permanent cosmetic tattooing is safe and effective and a simple non-surgical procedure. This method is used for cancer survivors and for people who are unhappy with the look, shape, and size of their nipples and areolas. Micropigmentation can add value and confidence to a person's looks and self-image. Be sure to work with an experienced medical tattoo Chicago professional who you trust and have faith in.

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