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Airbrush Bridal Makeup vs. HD Makeup: Which One Is Better?

With your big day coming, chances are you have been asked about your preference for makeup techniques while booking a makeup artist. Airbrush makeup and High-Definition (HD) makeup are probably the 2 options that have been brought to the table, but which one is the right one for you? In this post, we break it down for you so that you feel the most beautiful and confident on your special day.

Airbrush Makeup Technique

Airbrush makeup has a special application method. Artists make use of airbrush heads that spray tiny particles of liquid pigment onto the skin. You might be surprised to find out this method is not actually new, but it’s not very popular among non-professional makeup users and it can be expensive.

Airbrush Makeup And Hygiene

As we mentioned above, airbrush makeup consists of a spraying method, which means no foreign contact is involved. This eliminates the exposure to contamination through the use of fingers, brushes, or sponges and reduces the chances of infections.

Airbrush Makeup Is Waterproof And Longer-Lasting

Airbrush makeup offers good resistance against the wear of a day full of tears, sweat, and running around. If you want your bridal makeup to endure a long ceremony or a wedding, photo session, and reception, makeup durability is a major aspect to consider.

Airbrush Makeup Is Applied Faster

Your wedding day might be one of the busiest of your life. If you want to make the most out of your time, airbrush makeup can be a good ally as it doesn’t take as much time to be set as regular makeup techniques.

HD Makeup Technique

High Definition (HD) makeup is similar to the traditional makeup application technique, but it features HD products formulated according to the expected behavior of makeup when exposed to cameras and studio lights. This helps make the most out of your photo memories.

HD Makeup Gives A Natural Look In Photos

HD cameras will easily catch a glimpse of a cakey foundation or any makeup flaws. HD makeup is made with compounds like silica, mica, or quartz that provides your skin with a glowy, natural finish. These products are tested under different kinds of light to make sure your photos are free of flashbacks or cakey looks.

HD Makeup Offers More Versatility

HD makeup comes in a variety of products and brands like Makeup For Ever, MAC, or NYX. It has a broad range of items for brides to choose from and gives artists a chance to mix and customize them according to your skin type and skin tone.

HD Makeup Benefits Dry Skin

HD makeup features creamy textures that prevent your skin from drying out. This is a great choice for brides who want to avoid crusty flakes on their face or have a naturally dry texture.

HD Makeup Offers Better Texture And Imperfection Coverage

Skin flaws like acne, blemishes or other types of textures are hard to hide with airbrush makeup, as it can accentuate unevenness. Full coverage for acne-prone skin, and skin with imperfections can be better achieved by HD makeup.

The Verdict

There is a considerable price difference between HD makeup and its more expensive airbrush makeup competitor. We believe the most important aspects you should consider are budget, skin type, and expected durability.

Touching Up

Makeup artists recommend that airbrush makeup should never be subjected to touch ups. If you think throughout the day you are going to need a retouch here and there, opt for HD makeup. You will be able to use sponges and brushes to give it a touch up throughout your journey.

Natural Feel Vs Natural Look

Airbrush offers heavy coverage with a lightweight sensation. The resulting look will be flawless, but not exactly natural, just as its name suggests. HD makeup on the other hand, might feel heavy because of the amount of products used, but the final look, especially in photos, will be more subtle and natural. This will be a great choice for brides who don’t like an excessively produced look.

It All Comes Down To Your Skin Type

Smooth and uniform skin can benefit from an airbrush makeup application, especially when it has a tendency to be oily or sweaty. Skin that shows acne marks, active breakouts, flaking, or an uneven surface can have a better performance when subjected to HD makeup.

At the end of the day, at OM SPA we know the most important thing is that you look happy, glowing, and perfect not only on your wedding day but on your honeymoon and even later on. That’s why we are here to rescue you with the best packages for brides.

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