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Booth Rental For Permanent Makeup: An In-Depth Review

Once you're done with your permanent makeup training, it’s time to think about your career path. Being a salary or commission-based employee is always an option, but have you given thought to self-employment opportunities?

Choosing between being an independent permanent makeup Chicago artist or being an employee is an important decision that will shape your future. If working independently has drawn your attention, you should know there are different ways to achieve it, other than investing in a whole studio.

A trend on the rise is the permanent makeup booth rental Chicago salons offer. Also known as “renting a chair”, it’s been proven to be one of the most effective ways for makeup artists to earn an income and build their own clientele. However, keep in mind that it involves an investment in money and effort, especially in the early stages.

How Does Booth Rental Work?

In the permanent makeup booth rental Chicago model, every artist manages their own business from their chair, and is responsible for their own liabilities, disability insurance, healthcare, taxes, etc. The owner of the salon offers a space for the artist to work independently without having to invest heavily in a physical space and furniture.

Advantages Of Booth Rental

Undoubtedly the most attractive aspect for most permanent makeup Chicago artists is to have an independent business model that involves:

  • Self-reliance

Booth renters have the autonomy to run their own business as they prefer, and decide

on aspects like their prices, schedules, and what products to use without having to respond to a boss.

  • Earnings

Once they’ve paid the rental fee, permanent makeup Chicago artists have the rest of the profit for themselves. This means that they have the possibility of earning as much as they want based on the hours they are willing to work.

  • Build Your Own Clientele

Under the scheme of permanent makeup booth rental Chicago has to offer, you’ll be working on your own brand instead of giving credit to someone else’s, which allows you to gain fame and gather loyal customers.

Disadvantages Of Booth Rental

Every business model has its pitfalls, and booth rental can have some cons for permanent makeup Chicago artists. The most important to consider are:

  • Business Management Duties

The artist is solely responsible for its success. This makes them accountable for tasks like customer taxes, accounting, acquisition, marketing their own brand, advertisement, finding clients, etc.

  • No Employment Benefits

Working under the model of permanent makeup booth rental Chicago salons offer means that you won’t have access to benefits like a steady salary, paid time off, insurance and retirement.

  • Investment

As in any business model, before you see profits you’ll have to buy your own products and tools and pay for the booth rental and other expenses like advertising.

  • Less Customer Availability

Without proper exposure, permanent makeup Chicago artists might not be able to get the proportion of customers they expect.

Your call!

Booth rental can be a win-win deal for both artists and salon owners, but it’s important to consider your goals and what responsibilities you’re willing to take to determine if it's the right option for you.

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