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Brow Mapping the Key to the Symmetrical Brows

Aside from the eyes, one of the most noticeable face characteristics is the eyebrows, which most want perfect, and this is where eyebrow mapping Chicago takes a very important part.

Eyebrow mapping is a technique that utilizes the golden ratio for facial dimensions for achieving symmetry and sculpting the most appealing shape for your brows. When the eyebrows follow the golden ratio, the rest of the face appears to be in balance. It exemplifies the ultimate aesthetic balance and harmony.

Now, how is brow mapping usually done? It could be done through drawing and marking with a ruler and pencil. Brow mapping Chicago specialists will take measurements and mark the skin. Another option is to use an inked string which necessitates a high level of precision and technicality - used and most preferred by professionals, leaving less opportunity for error while striving to achieve symmetry. After that, brows are now ready to undergo sculpt, tinting, or microblading Chicago procedure.

Benefits of Brow Mapping The utilization of brow mapping in doing an eyebrow tattoo and eyebrow microblading comes with many benefits. The first and most significant advantage is that it assists in achieving one's natural symmetry more clearly. Secondly, it gives the ability to create your ideal brow shape. It may help you figure out where your brows should start, end, and arch, resulting in gorgeous brows that will make you appear and feel better. Lastly, it assists in getting the artist and the client on the same page.

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