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Don't Worry About Eyeliner Tattoo Being Too Sharp - It Is Possible to Achieve a Subtle Natural Eyeli

It’s trendy to wear sharp, intense eyeliner that is drawn perfectly on your face for particular events but most people don’t continue to wear this style every day.

The most popular style for many folks is a thin and subtle look which creates an almost hidden enhancement to give your eyes that look without people noticing that you are wearing a lot of makeup while not having to go through the tedious process to achieve perfection.

For this reason, a lot of customers who want a permanent eyeliner tattoo Chicago will request a subtle and organic eyeliner tattoo. Check out this list of eyeliner options that look natural and keep this information as a record for when you are deciding on which style to get.

Is It Possible to Achieve a Natural Eyeliner Tattoo?

For sure!

Most make the assumption that eyeliner tattoos only give off the smokey-winged appearance. However, the more commonly applied style is a very thin option that allows you to wear them no matter what you are doing that day and can also be enhanced with regular makeup.

If this is your first time going through this procedure for eyeliner and lips permanent makeup Chicago you should probably stick to a natural look even if you prefer the more dramatic style.

One misconception about PMU is that it will fade away quickly when in fact this is a long lasting solution that will be present on your face every day so getting the intense full long winged smokey look may not be optimal on a daily basis.

Natural Eyeliner Tattoo Styles

There are endless options when it comes to permanent makeup Chicago. Any style you want to achieve is possible through this procedure. Now we will explore some styles that would be considered natural eyeliner tattoo.

Eyelash Enhancement

This style is subtle and almost looks as if you don’t have eyeliner on. This is also considered the most natural eyeliner tattoo.

Eyelash enhancement is achieved by creating a thin line right above your lash line and splicing them with the lashes making the solution look full, dark, and thick. Creating this effect causes your eyes to open up and makes them appear larger this way they are more radiant.

Winged Eyelash Enhancement

You can also perform eyelash enhancement with a delicate wing. You can extend the line past your outermost lash to bring it out of your lash line and give it the shape you desire and a more elongated look.

Smokey Eyelash Enhancement

You can also edit the angle of the line and get a different style that can fit your preference whether that is sharp or smokey. Smokey finishes appear more natural.

Bottom Eyeliner Tattoo

An overlooked option is the ability to get your lower lid tattooed as well.

Bottom lid eyeliner is completed by applying a thin line just below the bottom lashes. This line begins in the outer corner of your eye and spreads to the end or somewhere in the center of your lash line.

Consider Your Color Options

Black is the most popular color option but may not always be the best alternative for a permanent makeup Chicago natural eyeliner tattoo. Black is a color that adds the natural effect only to those with very dark eyelashes that are naturally thick.

More permanent eyeliner tattoo Chicago customers use brown as a natural-looking color for their complexions. Depending on your skin color this will vary. Search for permanent makeup near me for more information.

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