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Fingernail tattoos – a new beauty trend you'll want to try immediately

Viral beauty always brings peculiar trends that often leave us wondering if they’re worth trying. Fortunately, one of the latest trends involves a glamorous look that can elevate any manicure. We’re talking about the nail tattoo Chicago beauty influencers are rocking, and if you’ve seen it you might already be looking to join the trend. If you still have doubts about getting the tattoo fingernails Chicago trendsetters love, keep reading to find out how fingernail tattoos are done.

Short Sessions

The tattoo nails Chicago beauty professionals offer are usually performed in sessions not longer than three hours. The time depends mostly on the complexity of the design and how many fingers will be worked on. There is also some amount of time spent on the design, which will be later reproduced freehand in your nails. You can bring your own ideas so the best nail tattoo Chicago artists can make it just like you wanted it, including adding some creative input.

Putting The Needle To The Nail

The process for setting a tattoo on nail Chicago artists follow is similar to tattooing the skin. The difference lies in the texture of the surface, as nails are stiff and rigid, and lack the elasticity that skin has. Working with nails poses the advantage of having a small, steady surface, however, the risk of a blowout is slightly larger than working with skin.

Relatively Painless

Although it might be a longer process than tattooing the skin, the nail tattoo Chicago experts perform should be painless. This is an extra source of satisfaction for customers that arrive with concerns about the physical experience. It’s always a relief for them to find out they can achieve that awesome look they want without major discomfort.

Nail Tattoos Aren’t Permanent

Unlike other trends of permanent makeup Chicago beauty lovers dare to adopt, nail tattoos only last as long as the tattooed surface remains on your fingers. As ink doesn’t reach the skin, your design is expected to last about six weeks depending on the growth pattern of your nails.

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