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How Is Microblading Different From Microshading?

It’s time to make spending hours filling in your brows a history. If you’re going for a more modern look, beauty touch-ups and marvelous brows are in style. Go with a solution that doesn’t fade during the day.

Microblading and Microshading allow getting this look to last, easier than ever before. Before booking your appointment, if you are undecided on which look to go with, always consider going with one that compliments your skin type. If you’re now ready to book your appointment this article will guide you in the right direction.

So……what really is Microblading and Microshading?

Microblading: The process in which hair-like strokes are drawn on your brows in the form of a semi-permanent tattoo that mirrors the exterior of your current brow by utilizing a sterile, small handheld blade with pigment to achieve a natural-looking result. There is some pain associated with this procedure that can last a few hours after it is finished, but a numbing cream helps to ease the discomfort. If you have sparse brows Microblading is an ideal choice as it helps your brows look fuller, natural, and effortless.


Microbladed brows give you an identical brow shade by mimicking your current hair shade and pattern using hair-like strokes while traditional eyebrow tattooing gives a more naturally incorporated look even after it fades. Microblading Chicago is recommended if you want to achieve a more natural effect rather than a more noticeable approach.

If this process is completed by a professional it blends right in with your brows making it hard to tell the difference based on its completely natural finish. This is the aspect of this technique that I absolutely adore!


Microblading Chicago calls for consistent retouches to preserve your look because it is the least permanent eyebrows Chicago tattoo. Microblading is also more expensive than Microshading.

Who is it suited for?

If you have normal to dry skin Microblading Chicago will work for you. Ink tends to fade much faster if you have oily skin because your microblading Chicago agent doesn’t go that deep into your skin. It’s also not recommended for those who have sensitive skin as it can be uncomfortable for the blade to go across your brow over and over again. If you do have sensitive or oily skin it’s best to consult an eyebrow microblading Chicago expert before proceeding. This process is great for those with sparse or thin brows because they add fullness to them.

Touch ups?

Maintaining your eyebrow blading Chicago is super important. The better you take care of them the fewer touch-ups you will need. Depending on how well you do this will tell you if you need microblading eyebrows Chicago touch-ups every 8-12 months or longer. Some can even last up to 3 years.

Microshading: This procedure involves shading eyebrows to make them fine and adding small dots across the brow with a sterile needle that is placed on an electric tattoo device. This operation can take between one and two hours to complete but a numbing cream is added for any pain you experience. The purpose of this technique is to achieve an even shaded look by slowly placing fine dots over your brow to create color. This process is often described as ombre brows or powder brows because of its powdery, delicate, drawn look.


This technique results in a misty look that mirrors a made-up brow creating a powdery effect. They call this look Instagram brows based on its glimmering look. Microshading Chicago adds a considerably more full effect than microblading. For a more artificial look, micro shaded eyebrow tattoo Chicago is the right choice.

Cons: It doesn’t give you the natural semi permanent makeup Chicago look that microblading provides. This glamorous look can be more of a situational alternative rather than an everyday look.

Who is it suited for?

Unlike microblading, microshading works great for those who have oily or sensitive skin. The reason for this is that in the process of achieving a semi permanent eyebrow tattoo Chicago look by way of microblading, the pigment being used goes deeper through the tiny, pinpoint dots that the needle makes. This gives the pigment an opportunity to better set in your skin. This is optimal for those who love the look of filled-in brows. You should consider brow shading as a good option if your brows were subject to harmful tweezing or plucking.


A benefit to going with shaded brows over microbladed brows is that they tend to last a lot longer so they don’t require as much maintenance. The timeframe of microshading is 1-3 years. With that being said, getting consistent touch-ups every 12-18 months helps to keep the bold and defined look you’re striving for in check.

Still can’t pick which technique is right for you? Who says you can’t have it all? Enter Hybrid brows!

Hybrid brows, also known as combo brows, is a mixture of microblading techniques with microshading. First you begin with the microblading process of adding hair-like strokes into the first third segment of your brow and then you begin the microshading operations by shading the sparse portion or the tail end of the brow. This look works great for achieving natural blended hairs in the front of your brow and getting that more powdered, more edgy look at the arch of your brow or in the tail section. If you want the best of both worlds, hybrid brows or combo brows are the way to go.

At OMSPA we drive to perform beyond your expectations and give you the beautiful look you are going for; Our professional permanent eyebrow tattoo Chicago experts have received a 5-star rating for beauty which explains just how committed we are to the process. At OMSPA we encourage you to think outside of the box without fear and explore different options when it comes to your beauty needs. Book your appointment today and let our professionals do their magic.

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