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How long does permanent makeup last?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Permanent makeup is becoming popular nowadays, and there are different reasons for that. Applying makeup daily can be a big hassle for women who have busy schedules. Aside from that, it takes time and precision, but everything will eventually fade at the end of the day. That's why getting eyeliner and lips permanent makeup as well as permanent eyebrow tattoo is the way most women choose because it can make them look beautiful with no effort at all.

The number one question that most women ask is how long permanent makeup lasts. Though the word permanent is included, nothing lasts forever. Depending on the makeup you have gotten, some services can last up to ten years, while others can last for just two weeks. For instance, for permanent eyebrow tattoo in Chicago, it will last for two to three years, while permanent lipstick can last for three to five years.

A permanent makeup application usually involves using a tattoo pen to inject permanent ink into the skin. The process typically takes 30 to 120 minutes to finish. Some also use a technology that is painless but will provide outstanding results. There are some factors to take into consideration how long your permanent makeup will last. Some factors include age, pigment color, and skin type. Having said this, the older you are, the longer your skin will retain the color since the cell renewal process is slow.

Now, the darker the pigment colors are, the longer the color will fade. Some people have better skin at retaining colors than others. There are different ways to maintain the color of your permanent makeup, which depends on the type you've gotten. Taking precautions and keeping your makeup is one way that it will last for years.

When looking for permanent makeup near me, we are the ones that you can trust. We provide the highest quality permanent eyebrow tattoo and eyeliner and lips permanent makeup in the Chicago area. You can rest assured that you'll feel beautiful and confident with our services. When it comes to looking great, we have got your back!

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