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How Much Does It Cost To Get Ombre Powder Brows?

The cost of powder brows is dependent on many factors including how experienced the artist is, the quality and time taken with the procedure, the quality level of pigments used, and where the work is done. The average powder eyebrows Chicago based procedure is about $600.

The ombre eyebrows effect gives your brows a significantly different and unique look from what you would get with normal powder brow procedures. This unique effect is normally not additionally charged for, and the ombre procedure should cost the same as the powder brows Chicago. Be sure to verify this with your artist.

What Does The Price Include?

Powder brow treatments require a minimum of two visits, the same as for microblading procedures. During the first visit, the main treatment is delivered, and in the second mandatory session, any required touch-ups are done.

Both the treatment and consultation are included in the price, but as with everything, there might be exceptions. Make sure to verify with your artist before booking your powder ombre brows Chicago based treatment, especially if the information is not specified on their website.

With this treatment, aftercare is as important as with any other brow tattooing Chicago based procedures. Detailed aftercare instructions and aftercare kit are included in the price.

The follow-up treatment is scheduled after the healing period ends when your skin has fully recovered. Normally 6-8 weeks after the first treatment. This session is also normally included in the price, but you need to verify with your artist. Some artists have different policies on treatments.

To prolong the results or refresh your powder brows Chicago you will require more touch-up appointments after the first one. These additional touch-up appointments normally cost around $100 if done in the first year from the initial procedure. After the first year, the price will increase as more work is required. Most artists charge the same as for an initial procedure as it requires a similar amount of work.

What Does the Powder Brows Price Depend On? 1. Exclusivity

A trained and certified professional artist will charge you more than uncertified ones. You are paying for the guarantee of quality work and experience in dealing with unique skin types. The exclusivity and hygiene level of the service of the salon will also impact the cost of your ombre brows Chicago based treatment.

2. Location

Normally the level of demand for a service in an area impacts the price. The higher the demand the higher the price, but there are always exceptions.

3. Competition in the Area

The more brow tattooing Chicago based salons, the more competition exists and the lower the price should be. Few salons normally mean less competition and higher prices.

4. Quality of the Supplies

The quality of the ink, machine and other materials used is important and greatly impacts the price. Longer retention and better color intensity are achieved with high-quality pigments as they won’t eventually fade into ugly orange or blue shades.

How to Choose the Best Artist Based on Price?

Your eyebrows are a very important and prominent feature on your face and it might be worth your while to invest in good quality treatments for your ombre powder brows. Saving money in the short run might cost you a lot more to repair in the long run.

Selecting a professional and experienced brow tattooing Chicago artist is not only important to get the desired results but also to safeguard your health. Self-taught, uncertified artists might charge you less but could cost you more later.

Do your research, read reviews and contact us directly or visit the salon before you make a choice.

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