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How permanent makeup is done?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

In the earlier years, thinnest needles used in performing permanent makeup everywhere including Chicago were .40 millimeters. Now with the help of technology, permanent makeup artists have switched to smaller needles as small as .18 millimeters, which results in stunningly detailed results, allowing the artist to do as detailed work as possible.

Popular Permanent Makeup Choices Today

Clients who typically avail of permanent makeup are women. Among the wide selection of choices, permanent eyebrows have a big demand in the name of permanent cosmetics. The right pair of brows can easily enhance your face without much effort from your end. This also fixes the brows from overplucking or fills in sparse eyebrows for your convenience.

You can also get your eyeliner and lips done with permanent makeup around the Chicago area. Doing so can give your lips a subtle color without needing any lipstick or other lip products. If you have dark lip liners, you can have them tattooed to match the color of your lips. Meanwhile, permanent eyeliner makeup can make your eyes look bolder and brighter.

Duration of the Procedure

Permanent makeup in Chicago is a long process that takes 30-40 minutes alone to map your face and get the right color for your skin whether you are having permanent makeup tattoo or permanent lips done. Clients typically choose to do the procedure on a Friday so they can recover during the weekend.

Permanent makeup in Chicago lasts for 1.5 to 2 years. Within the first year, you would already see fading. This is the best time to have it retouched while there is still a trace of the tattoo done previously. Otherwise, the artist would have to remap your face.

Aftercare & Maintenance

To make your permanent makeup last longer, avoid hot rooms and activities that will make you sweat for the first 10 days. This includes hot tubs, steam rooms, spas, direct sunlight, and tanning beds. You should also avoid any facial treatment like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. During the first week, avoid applying cosmetics to the area to let it heal completely.

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