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How to Care About Powder Brows and Achieve Best Effects?

Semi-permanent and permanent makeup is a fantastic part of the beauty industry. Aside from permanent eyebrows Chicago, several treatments are now available to enhance the eyebrows. Powder brows are among the most popular semi-permanent brow makeup options now, and here are the things you should know about its healing process as well as its aftercare.

Do Powder Eyebrows Fade and How to Prevent that?

Not like traditionally tattooed eyebrows Chicago, powder ombre eyebrows are semi-permanent because the pigment used for the procedure is not injected deep into the skin. The pigment fades over time.

However, ombre eyebrows Chicago could last around 1 to 3 years, depending on the type of skin you have, your brow treatment, and your lifestyle. You may also extend the effect and aesthetic of the brows with regular retouching.

What Does the Healing Process Look Like?

The procedure makes the brow slightly swollen and looking darker right after the treatment as it involves gradually injecting tiny dots of pigment into the skin, creating a smooth and soft shading effect.

It'll take 4-6 weeks to heal, and within this period, you have to be careful about your eyebrows.

What Are The Things I Have To Know Regarding Scabbing?

Scabbing is common and quite normal after getting powder eyebrows Chicago. While it is usually normal that it happens, ask your technician or dermatologist when you encounter heavy scabbing.

Also, avoid touching your brows as it causes damage and can slow down your brows’ healing process.

What Does the Aftercare Involve?

The aftercare of ombre powder brows Chicago determines the treatment’s success. Strictly follow your brow artist’s instructions on caring for your brows after the treatment.

How Should I Treat My Powder Brows Once the Healing Period is Over?

After the healing period, your ombre brows Chicago will have their final look. You can finally wash your face, sleep on your face, put on makeup, work out, and do what you usually do.

How Long After the Powder Brow Treatment Can I Start Wearing Makeup?

The treated surface will be prone to infections and sensitive during the healing process. So, it is highly discouraged to apply makeup, particularly near the treated area, as it could cause infections. Continue your regular routine when the healing period is over.


Following these tips is necessary to get excellent results. Afterward, you will enjoy aesthetic, natural-looking, powdered brows.

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