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Make Your Lips Seem Like They’re Naturally Full of Your Desired Color with Lip Tint Tattoo

We can all agree that your lip look sets off the appeal of your face. Keeping your lips looking this way has been a hassle in the past but now beauty experts have created a method to give you this desired look without everyday makeup for almost any style you want, basic or a particular tint.

The purpose of lip tint is to blend into your natural lips and make them the color you want instead of putting on classic makeup that is so obvious on your face.

What’s a Lip Tint Tattoo?

To be brief it is a cosmetic tattoo on your lips that makes them look as if you’re wearing lip tint!

Cosmetic tattooing is a subset of regular tattooing and is called permanent makeup or PMU. Getting a permanent makeup Chicago job done is different from a regular tattoo, the ink is safer and is injected shallower into the skin. Because of this it doesn’t last forever and can start to become invisible over time. This means you can switch your color every now and then.

How Is It Done?

This method requires applying lip blushing strategies to achieve the desired effect you are looking for.

Lip blushing is simply applying an electric needle to open your skin with many small dots and put color into them. The color used is a permanent makeup pigment that is created to look natural to your skin color and go away in time little by little.

The pigments that are used are placed not too deep into the skin to allow blending to happen naturally and look organic. This operation often requires two or three appointments with a lip blushing expert to build the color over time.

Does It Hurt?

There is a little discomfort associated with the process but because it's implemented using a topical anesthetic it won't hurt but you will feel some pressure and a scratching sensation. Generally clients say this process is painless.

How Long Does It Last?

The result will last for about 2 years but will start to dull over time. Getting regular touch ups can make it last longer.

What Styles Are Available?

This process can make your lips look exactly how you want them. There are many options to pick from just search permanent makeup near me to get our shop and more information on style choices that are popular.

Basic Lip Blush

This lip tint tattoo Chicago style consists of placing the pigment injections throughout the entire surface of your lips to get an even tone as if you used lip tint. It gives off a soft appeal and will work for everyday use. You can also add your go-to lip products to spice it up.

Aquarelle Lips

This permanent lip tint tattoo Chicago technique is a more subtle approach meaning the lip blushing is not as intense and mimics watercolor as its name suggests. This is good for having a great blend with soft edges.

Ombre Lip Blush

This is the most intense version of this look and gives you a gradient from the edge to the center of your lips. This is a popular style but it works better for those who apply makeup every single day.

What Colors Are Available?

The possibilities are endless! Any color you want can be made up from the pigments and customized to fit your particular style. Be mindful to make sure you go for a look that’s close to your skin tone. An artist will guide you through this process.

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