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Medical Tattooing – A Cure For Scars

Medical tattooing, also known as scar camouflage, is a procedure that diminishes the appearance of scars by concealing the loss of pigment. It started as a way to create 3D areolas after mastectomy surgery, and it has grown to be a regular practice among patients that have been subjected to breast or chest surgery.

The medical tattoo Chicago patients are looking for is permanent, and has the goal of hiding unwanted scars after medical procedures. This helps patients boost their self-esteem and feel more confident with their personal appearance after treatment.

Irregular Scarring

Irregular scarring can be covered by the best medical tattoo Chicago artists offer.

Areola Reconstruction

This image shows the professional areola 3D medical tattoo Chicago patients can get, accomplished by a pro artist.

Irregular Areola Appearance

An irregular areola appearance can be corrected with the best areola tattoo Chicago market offers.

Post-Surgical Necrosis

With the areola 3D medical tattoo Chicago professionals perform, the appearance of a natural areola can be created.

Ideal Scars To Work On

Hypo-pigmented scars are best suited for this procedure. They look lighter than the surrounding skin because of melanin loss. A medical tattoo can restore the shape of the areola when the pigment is lost, and it also involves creating the nipple tattoo Chicago patients need for a more natural look.

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