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Microblading for Men: Should Guys Microblade their Eyebrows?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Should men microblade their eyebrows? First of all, it is 2021. Everyone should be living their best life no matter what their gender. Eyebrows are a major facial feature that define one’s face. Both men and women are ashamed of body parts or have areas they would like to improve. In this case, microblading is a no brainer. It is ok for anyone to have insecurities and even more acceptable for those who wish to take action to do so. Many men have always been insecure about their appearance but have only begun to utilize various cutting-edge grooming techniques in recent years. Male grooming has become everyday practice in all corners of the world.

Although at times referred to as permanent makeup, microblading is a simple procedure where pigment is deposited in the skin using strokes that mimic natural hairs. This can be applied to men or women and is meant to better define the eyebrows thus improving appearance. The results are realistic and attractive. Thicker strokes are generally applied to men because men’s natural eyebrows are thicker. The technician considers natural eyebrow tone, skin tone, and facial shape when choosing color and design to achieve the most natural look possible. As men’s individual eyebrow hairs are straighter, technicians often apply straighter strokes to men’s faces. The results are quite natural and vastly improve many eyebrow issues like asymmetry, thin and barely visible hairs, patchy brows, bald spots within brows, etc.

Once you have made the decision to get microblading, it is a great idea to schedule a consultation and to consider the results you seek. The clearer one can communicate their desires, the more successful the results. Providing photos of eyebrows you like can be even more helpful for the technician to design your ideal brows.

It is very important to find an experienced microblading technician who can design the most flattering eyebrow shape for each individual. This requires several different measurements and close observation. Without this step, results can be awkward and even disastrous. Quality tools allow precise strokes and application, resulting in a look so natural, many people will not even realize it has been done.

As with similar procedures, there is a 7-10 period after each session where one should avoid touching brows, void sunlight, avoid wetting eyebrows, maintain the treated area clean, and use protective cream to prevent infection and ensure the best results. Microblading provides long lasting, natural results to both men and women, giving both the confidence they need.

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