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Realistic Stretch Mark Camouflage On Darker Skin

There is still more work to be done with the science of camouflage tattooing. There are a lot of special considerations for this process. The skin that is being worked on can be very different from client to client. In our years of experience doing stretch mark camouflage Chicago, stretch marks are always different from person to person.

Our experience lets our stretch mark camouflage Chicago treatment be the right option also for darker skin customers. The treatment can be super effective on dark skin because when hiding lighter scars on darker skin if the treatment is done properly the results can look astounding.

With that said you do have to consider some variables. The most pronounced variable is the recovery time. Darker skin can take longer to heal after tattooing because of hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is not a bad term in this regard; it just means there is a longer healing process for brazilian stretch mark camouflage Chicago which we take into account.

It can take as long as 60 to 90 days for a person of color to heal from brazilian stretch mark camouflage tattoo Chicago and in certain cases it can take up to 6 months. We try to be more reserved when matching colors working with people of color to get the right skin tone for them. This happens because there is more pigment present that affects the implemented pigment after application.

Another perspective from the medical tattooing for stretch marks Chicago process is that the healed skin can turn out to be a different color than the original skin making it easy to make the tattoo darker than necessary.

Women of color have a special hue that can affect the stretch marks camouflage tattooing Chicago ink that is used. Because of this, We prefer to go with a more conservative option first which includes choosing a lighter color done by a stretch mark camouflage Chicago expert and then checking to see what the results are. Most dark skin customers will have to schedule a second and third appointment to get the results they want. During the second appointment, we can go with the darker option and it usually works better from the client.

In conclusion, we have methods that will work for any skin color and give you the benefits of stretch mark camouflage Chicago. After assessing the first treatment we will have to take notes and develop a plan of action going forward to find a solution that works for you.

Please note that not everyone can qualify for the treatment, if you want to check if you and your stretch marks qualify, take a look here, or contact us!

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