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Skin Pigmentation Disorders And Tattoos: What You Need To Know?

Tattooing has become a popular option for vitiligo cover up Chicago patients look for, as it can conceal the characteristic spots caused by a lack of natural pigment of the skin. People with this condition might opt to cover their vitiligo spots with a darker flesh tone to reduce the contrast with the rest of the skin.

Another kind of vitiligo tattoo cover up Chicago patients choose, is to cover skin discoloration with a particular design. Skilled tattoo artists apply ingenious shading techniques to shape an image that blends seamlessly with the tone of the skin. This way the lighter tones will be effectively hidden under the picture chosen by the patient.

There is also a good proportion of patients who rather than covering their condition with the vitiligo makeup Chicago artists offer, that take it with pride. They may also appeal to tattoo techniques to engrave their bodies with powerful messages reinforcing a positive state of mind, or to display the purple vitiligo-awareness ribbon.

Some patients, tired of being stared at, choose to make a statement through tattooed phrases. Such is the case of Tiffany Posteraro of New York, who tattooed the phrase, “It’s Called Vitiligo” across her forearm in big letters.

While tattooing can offer vitiligo patients benefits in different directions, it can also pose some inconveniences. Regardless of your condition, tattooing is a decision that requires consideration. In spite of your health, tattooing has pros and cons worth analyzing, and this process might take longer in patients with vitiligo.

When it comes to the vitiligo tattoo cover up Chicago saloons offer, there are many aspects to take in consideration, and several measures to take when enduring a tattooing procedure under this circumstance.

For those going for a flesh-colored tattoo, it is important to point out the fact that an exact color match might be impossible to achieve. Even with the best makeup for vitiligo Chicago market offers, you won’t be sure you have a match until the color is already on your skin.

Just as foundation never looks the same on your skin as it does in the bottle, ink has a different color effect beneath your dermis than inside its container. The main reason for this is called the Tyndall effect, which explains the effect of the distance that light has to travel through before reaching your eyes, which adds complexity to the process of vitiligo permanent makeup Chicago artists perform.

One more issue to consider is that active vitiligo can cause spots to grow in size and number over time. If you cover a spot with a shade of the vitiligo makeup Chicago saloons have, and it ends up growing, instead of a patch of discoloration you will have a ring pattern. This adds up to the matching challenge, as now you need to blend the natural skin tone, the previous ink and the ink to be applied.

Another consideration is the development pattern of vitiligo. Not all cases follow the same path, and while some cases are unrelated to skin trauma, some patients have found their vitiligo responds to physical damage. For instance, injuries like cuts and scrapes can induce the development of new vitiligo patches.

This explains why children with vitiligo often have discoloration on their elbows and knees, as these are common locations for childhood injuries. If you fall into this category of disease, it’s worth noting that the process of vitiligo tattoo cover up Chicago professionals perform involves repeated trauma to the skin that might lead to further discoloration growth.

The vitiligo permanent makeup Chicago artists offer consists of repeated strokes that inject ink into the dermis of the skin with different types of needles. Whether you are covering a patch with flesh tone or with a tattoo design, you should consider that subjecting your skin to this process can cause the patches to grow throughout the healing process.

Every type of vitiligo tattoo cover up Chicago patients opt for needs the hand of a professional artist. As vitiligo is not a rare disease, one can expect to find artists that have experience with this group of people.

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