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Things You Need To Know Before Lip Blushing

Goodbye lip fillers, hello lip blushing!

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have popularized plump lips using viral social media content making it the new rave. Lips are becoming more and more of a focal point in our world, redefining our standards of beauty. There are always new innovations, in the world of cosmetics which is constantly changing and introducing new markets to the world.

Lip blushing is the newest semi-permanent makeup and has become the ideal alternative to lip fillers. This allows you to change the shape and color of your lips without depending on lip injection procedures which are permanent options that can be costly. Lip blushing is a great way to go if you use liner to define your cupid’s bow or if you tend to overdraw your lips. With lip blushing Chicago you can achieve the perfect shaped lips every day consistently.

What is Lip Blushing?

The term ‘blushing’ makes you think of blusher or colors that usually go on your cheeks when you’re embarrassed by a certain situation. In actuality, lip blushing refers to a semi-permanent makeup technique that uses tiny needles to place pigments across your lips. This process is called ‘pixelating’. Using this process we are able to layer the color in a way that makes it like the natural color of your lips. Using lip blushing makes you look like you have been blessed with the lips of a beautiful supermodel. The pigment lines your lips, creating a shading effect that makes them look fuller while the pixelating provides a fresh color coat.

Lip blushing is oftentimes referred to as lip blush tattoo Chicago and while the process is similar lip blushing is cosmetic and not permanent makeup Chicago.

It’s truly amazing that you can make your lips appear younger and fuller by altering their color and shape. Lip blushing Chicago is the optimal procedure when you have thinner lips or when you rely on constantly applying lipstick many times throughout the day. Lip blushing can also help improve the symmetry and definition of your lips, while still making it look like you were born with lips to die for. Lip blushing is by far one of the most natural-looking procedures you can implement while lip fillers can sometimes look artificial.

Lip blushing is a newfound secret to EFFORTLESS BEAUTY. It’s great for busy women who don’t have time to apply a full face of makeup in the morning but love a natural look. For busy moms and those who are always on the go, Lip blushing is the treatment for you! Lip blushing is also a great solution for men looking to improve the shape of their lips and get an even tone.

One obvious benefit to lip blushing is that you don’t have to apply lip products every day. Instead, you can make your process run faster and smoother in the morning saving you time and effort. You can choose a natural look or add lip balm for an extra glossy look and you can always apply your current lip products to enhance it even further.

What You Need to Know Before Your Treatment

Lip blushing Chicago procedures are relatively pain-free. It is less painful than the microblading process. Numbing agents are used so it’s unlikely you will feel any pain at all. If you are someone with a lower pain threshold you can use Tylenol before your appointment to mitigate any discomfort you may feel. Most other types of medication can lead to bruising so you want to avoid them. Other things that may cause bleeding are vitamin E, fish oil, and alcohol.

Here at OMSPA, we will work side by side with you to come up with a custom color for your lip blushing treatment. We can also use your favorite lipstick shade and replicate it so you always have it on. If self-consciousness has ever been a problem for you, our eyeliner and lips permanent makeup Chicago treatments can make your lips look even and more symmetrical.

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