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Things You Should Know About Vitiligo Tattoo Cover Up Chicago

If you landed on this post, chances are you have given thought to getting a vitiligo tattoo.

Tattooing always involves a certain degree of risk, but if you are specifically thinking about the vitiligo tattoo cover up Chicago parlors offer, there are more factors to think about.

There are infinite reasons behind people choosing to get a tattoo. Some people want a timeless expression of an important event in their life, while for others it is a form of artistic expression or a way to display their identity. Lately, tattooing and microblading have been used as semi-permanent makeup techniques.

Patients with vitiligo and other skin conditions have benefited from the vitiligo permanent makeup Chicago market offers. Tattooing is a way to cover up uneven skin color or to hide it under an image to trick the eye.

Naturally, people with vitiligo who have considered the vitiligo tattoo cover up Chicago artists offer, have many doubts about the procedure. A frequent concern is whether getting a tattoo could worsen their condition and cause further skin discoloration.

Uncertainty over this issue has been a major reason why people resist the temptation to get a tattoo. However, some patients have decided to go on with the procedure, as is the case of Carol. Carol decided to endure the procedure of vitiligo cover up Chicago saloons advertised upon discovering she was developing vitiligo at 21. She shares her story with us:

Ever since the idea of covering my spots with tattoos got into my mind, I wanted to do a thorough research on my own, in order to feel confident if I decided to move on with the procedure. I saw plenty of photos of individuals with tattoos where the ink had faded slightly. I found out this was due to pigment loss that can be precipitated by tattooing. This doesn’t happen in all cases, but it’s a possibility of the vitiligo makeup Chicago offers that discouraged me. Even though there weren’t any spots around my first tattoo, finding out this information made me reluctant to get another one. However, the idea stayed in my mind, as I think tattoos are artistic and a great way to express yourself. Eventually, I realized that I was never going to get my skin color back, and that more patches would develop regardless of anything I was doing. That’s when I decided to get a second tattoo that hasn’t impacted my vitiligo so far. I didn’t ask my dermatologist for advice because I had put my vitiligo treatment on hold. I’m not sure if getting a tattoo will prompt skin discoloration in the place where the tattoo is located, but whether it happens or not, I would absolutely consider getting more tattoos.

Are you considering the vitiligo cover up Chicago tattoo artists offer? Are you concerned about your safety? Before you take the step, we suggest you these things to consider:

  1. Make sure you are aware of the type of vitiligo you have and when you were diagnosed, as well as its stability.

  2. The experts in the best makeup for vitiligo Chicago patients trust recommend waiting for a period of seven years with no active or new spots. During an unstable phase the trauma from the needle can cause new spots, called the Koebner phenomenon.

  3. Consider the size and shape of the tattoo. The color might be affected if the tone of your skin changes due to patch development.

  4. Lastly and more importantly, ask your doctor for professional advice before making any decision.

We hope you found this post useful. Whether you decide to get the vitiligo tattoo cover up Chicago patients are going for, or not, make sure you do your research thoroughly.

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