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Washing Hair After Microblading: What to Do and What Not to Do?

If you decided to go for the look of eyebrow microblading celebrities are rocking, you have to consider certain aftercare instructions to promote proper healing.

When taking care of your new eyebrows, it’s important ​to avoid getting them wet. Unfortunately, this limits some activities like washing your hair. If you find yourself in this situation, we have some tips for you.

How To Wash Hair After Microblading?

It takes two weeks for the skin surface to heal, and six weeks for complete healing. During the first two weeks, you should avoid exposing them to water, sweat, sun, makeup, and other chemicals.

Permanent makeup Chicago artists recommend having your hair washed right before the treatment so that you don’t have to do it soon afterward. Getting your eyebrows wet can mess with pigment retention and lead to premature fading. The following hacks can help you avoid this:

Make It Quick

Even if you cover your eyebrows, the longer you stay in the shower, the bigger chance of getting your eyebrows wet. If you take hot showers, moisture can also reach the surface of the skin.

Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver after an eyebrow microblading procedure. Use dry shampoo for as long as possible to avoid hair washing.

Wash Your Hair In a Basin

This method is a little tricky, but safer after the procedure of permanent eyebrows Chicago artists perform. With your head turned sideways, lean forward and flip your hair upside down in the basin full of water.

Use A Plastic Visor

Plastic visors are a clever hack to keep water away from your face. They are usually cheap and you can use them throughout your healing period.

Use Swimming Goggles

This hack might look funny, but it does the trick. You just need a pair of wide-view swimming goggles with a frame that covers all the eyebrow areas.

Visit A Hairdresser

The most comfortable way to wash your hair after the eyebrow blading Chicago beauty lovers recommend is to have it washed at the hair salon. Here you just have to tilt your head backward and enjoy your hair wash.

When Can I Wash My Hair Normally After Microblading?

After microblading Chicago experts recommend waiting until the scabs fall off. Once this happens, you can wash your hair as usual without worrying about your new eyebrows.

What If I Get My Brows Wet By Accident?

No need to worry. Just pat them dry as quickly as possible using a dry clean cotton cloth or a cotton pad. If you think pigment retention was affected, eyebrow blading Chicago experts can fix it in a touch-up session.

Does That Mean I Shouldn’t Wash My Brows at All?

The process of microblading Chicago make-up artists perform will leave a fresh wound on your skin that needs to be cleaned to prevent infection or heavy scabbing. You just need to gently clean with a cotton pad and antibacterial soap or aftercare wipes. Make sure you keep them dry afterward or apply healing balm as indicated.

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