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What Is Dermaplaning About?

Dermaplaning is a quick spa or in-office procedure that involves a process similar to face shaving. It helps to exfoliate the skin and eradicate small, fine hairs in the face, also called vellus hairs. This way, your face feels softer and appears to be brighter than before.

During the process of a dermaplaning facial Chicago, a licensed professional will use a sharp No.10 surgical blade, scraping your skin’s outer layer at a 45-degree angle to remove dead skin cells.

An aesthetician or doctor will pull your skin tightly during the procedure and gently glide the blade in an upward motion, making delicate, feathering strokes.

This treatment typically lasts around 10 to 20 minutes, and you can get it as a part of a facial or a stand-alone option.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

The result of dermaplaning is different from one person to another. But, expect your skin to feel smoother, brighter-looking, and hair-free (until it grows back) after the procedure. Since it involves removing dead skin cells, it helps the skin absorb skin products better. For this reason, this procedure allows you to enjoy the benefits of the products you apply.

Is dermaplaning the same as shaving?

While having a significant similarity, dermaplaning also has a huge difference to shaving. You can think of dermaplaning as a more extensive, skin-safe counterpart of shaving. Meanwhile, shaving is a cheaper alternative that you can do at home. Remember: Dermaplaning is only performed by dermatologists and professionals.

If you have sensitive skin, only get this procedure from a professional. If you are unsure which method works best for you, consult a specialist at permanent makeup Chicago or microblading Chicago salons. Our licensed professionals provide safe and effective dermaplaning. Book an appointment today to enjoy smoother and brighter skin!

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