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What Is Stretch Mark Micropigmentation About?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Om Spa is proud to bring the newest scar and stretch mark camouflage treatments straight from Brazil directly to you in Chicago.

What is stretch mark camouflaging?

Many women end up with stretch marks after pregnancy which can lower their self-esteem. Stretch mark camouflage Chicago procedure is a form of micropigmentation whereby pigments are inserted into the layers of skin to correct the color in and around your stretch marks. Specialists will color match and mix pigments to match your natural skin color and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

How does the procedure work?

Your Chicago Om Spa specialist will mix skin-tone inks to match your skin color. A small test patch will be performed to make sure the color match is correct. During your first session, a shading technique is used with the selected inks and is applied to the skin just like a regular tattoo.

What if my stretch marks formed recently?

Om Spa specialists recommend this procedure for scars that are at least two years old for a couple of reasons. Stretch marks that are raised or red are more sensitive to work with, and also do not reflect the true color of your skin. As your stretch marks get older, they get closer to your natural skin color and are easier to match successfully.

Is the treatment safe?

Stretch mark micropigmentation Chicago is a very safe procedure just as with regular tattoos. You can trust Om Spa Chicago for superior skills and the use of high-quality needles and inks. All our employees have had proper training and have natural artistic abilities. They also have extensive experience in stretch mark camouflage and are waiting to serve you. Book a free consultation today.

How long do the results last?

Stretch mark camouflage Chicago is a skin treatment that utilizes permanent tattoo ink, penetrating the skin. This ensures that the results will last indefinitely, especially when correct after-care is followed.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Before undergoing stretch mark micropigmentation Chicago, scrub the area you want to be treated to eradicate dead skin cells. You should also avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours before the treatment and another 24 hours after treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

It highly depends on your skin condition and the area you want to be covered. Also, it depends on how you follow the aftercare program. Usually, stretch mark micropigmentation Chicago requires you to undergo two sessions, while other scar types take around 2-4 sessions.

What aftercare do I need to do?

First, avoid saunas for one week, sunbeds preferably permanently, no swimming for two weeks, no exercise for one week, and use SPF 40+ when going out in the sun. Also, do not wash the treated area for 24 hours.

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