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What Is The Definition of Stretch Marks and How Can We Hide Them?

Stretch marks are apparent on your skin in areas where fat is kept and are caused by skin expanding too fast which leads to collagen fibers breaking. When this happens blood vessels below your skin are more visible and start by looking purple/pink at first and changing to white or silver over time. These marks usually look similar to rippled lines that are most commonly placed on your stomach, arms, hips, thighs, breasts, and posterior.

Stretch marks can make people feel bad about their physical appearance and become self-conscious of their bodies. For this reason, there is a stretch mark camouflage Chicago treatment available.

What treatments can we offer for stretch marks?

Even though there is a vast amount of treatments regarding stretch marks, it is hit or miss whether you’ll get the results you want. A few years ago Sao Paulo- Rodolpho Torres created an ink and tattoo procedure which has the ability to shade stretch mark contours, which are blended to your skin color. The stretch marks camouflage tattooing Chicago doesn’t remove any stretch marks but it does make them less noticeable. This process is a different type of permanent cosmetics called medical tattooing for stretch marks Chicago.

Another name for repigmentation is “Brazilian stretch mark Camouflage”. The process is very much like tattooing because you also mix special inks to create a formula before delicately filling stretch marks and can be used for other issues as well. Again these processes use a similar color to your skin. This involves masking the affected part of your body with a permanent solution that will fit great with your natural skin color.

What Are the Benefits of Brazilian Stretch Mark Tattooing?

You have a few different options when it comes to inking over stretch marks however Brazilian stretch mark camouflage tattoo Chicago has the most beneficial results.

  • When a certified professional who attended stretch mark camouflage training Chicago does your work, the process is safe and garners amazing results. If you are thinking of stretch mark camouflage near me Chicago choosing between this and a surgical alternative of removing the stretch marks altogether, brazilian stretch mark camouflage Chicago is the cheaper option.

  • The process does not take long at all and can only call for one session with some customers.

  • Based on the fact that this process is permanent, professionals who have graduated from a stretch mark camouflage course Chicago can give you a solution that will last for years to come.

  • This camouflage strategy is best used with microneedling to blend the texture and color of your skin if you have areas that include raised stretch marks.

Please note that not everyone can qualify for the treatment, if you want to check if you and your stretch marks qualify, take a look here, or contact us!

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