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Why a DIY Bb Glow Treatment Is an Extremely Bad Idea?

Over time, it appears that the buzz around the BB glow procedure changes. For a time, it's the rage, but then a newer, more cutting-edge therapy sweeps it under the rug until it rises to prominence once again.

In any event, the BB glow treatment Chicago undoubtedly has supporters despite the opposition of certain professionals, and the promise of long-lasting skin improvement is irresistible.

But consumers could get disappointed if they learn that BB glow requires many treatments and that each session costs between $150 and $250. The question of whether one might do the BB glow procedure at home naturally arose.

Let's talk about why DIY BB glow is a bad idea now.

A BB Glow Treatment Can Be Performed at Home, But Is It Practical?

In theory, a BB glow treatment Chicago may be performed at home. A BB glow serum kit may be purchased online, and you can even locate microneedling near me stores that will sell you the microneedling tool (derma pen), despite the fact that this tool isn't actually meant for usage by non-professionals.

However, you must ask yourself whether you should.

A pigmented serum is applied to the skin's top layer to get the BB shine. The layer of dead skin cells that naturally sheds every 27 days, the epidermis, is the only part of the skin that it affects.

Microneedling is used to execute the technique at a shallow depth, and when a professional does the procedure, they pay special attention to the length of the needle to make sure it doesn't penetrate the dermis.

There is a very significant likelihood that the needle will go too deep when an unskilled hand attempts to do superficial microneedling. You can't really tell whether you're going too deep or not unless you have a thorough understanding of skin architecture, the characteristics of various types of face skin, and how to gauge skin thickness.

What Could Go Wrong If I Attempted a BB Glow Treatment at Home?

You risk going too deep, maybe into the dermis, if you attempt to do a BB glow treatment at home and your needle is too long due to improper needle setting or you push the device against your skin too firmly. The skin may suffer long-lasting harm as a result, and the colored serums may be applied too deeply.

The colorant components might eventually become problematic if the colored serum penetrates further than the epidermis. Titanium dioxide, a form of permanent makeup white pigment that cannot be biodegraded, is often the pigment in such serums. It will get lodged and not be exfoliated if it gets to the dermis. It will oxidize over time and become a yellowish or greenish color.

Another concern is hygiene.

BB glow must be performed under controlled circumstances since it requires breaking the skin's surface; otherwise, you run the danger of being infected and exposing your skin to contaminants.

Sterilization is required for all the equipment. As you put things up, it's important to be cautious so that it doesn't get contaminated. Cleaning and sanitizing your face are necessary. In order to avoid contamination, you must not contact any non-sterile surfaces while receiving therapy.

Even though your house is spotless, it doesn't have the same level of sanitary cleanliness as a professional salon, making it very risky to do a BB glow treatment there.

Last Words on Performing a BB Glow Treatment at Home?

Even with expert assistance, the success of BB glow isn't guaranteed, so if you're doing the procedure at home, lower your expectations. The fact that the colored serums are deposited into the epidermis and that we know the epidermis renews itself so regularly means that it takes many sessions to develop the color, and even then, the improvement in complexion isn't particularly long-lasting.

Overall, the (short-term) dangers of administering a BB glow treatment at home outweigh the benefits.

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