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Why Are Winter and Fall the Ideal Seasons for Microblading?

Summer has come to a close here, it's bittersweet, yet it's also a relief for those who want to try themselves out for a microblading Chicago procedure and enjoy their permanent eyebrows! Microblading eyebrows throughout the fall and winter facilitate a simpler healing process, and aftercare recommendations are easier to follow!


One of the most important rules to follow during the microblading healing process is to avoid excessive sweating, oil, or heat that might reopen your skin's pores—sweating after microblading Chicago forces the pigment of your skin, leading to different results. We sweat less in cooler seasons; that's why having the procedures done during the fall and winter seasons is recommended.


The ink used in eyebrow microblading Chicago treatments can alter color when exposed to direct sunlight or tanning beds. In the spring and summer, it's difficult to avoid direct sunshine and heat. While there is still sunshine in the cooler months, the radiations aren't as strong as during summers. Cooler months will make your eyebrow tattoo Chicago treatment go more smoothly.


After getting your permanent eyebrow tattoo Chicago done, most aftercare guidelines recommend that you avoid hard exercise, swimming, and tanning, which are best done usually in summer. In cooler months, such as fall and winter, every individual may spend far fewer hours on activities than in the spring and summer, which is undeniably a good time to be active and adventurous.

You're in the perfect season for microblading now that winter has arrived. Have a schedule now with your favorite place here in Chicago! You can also treat yourselves up to different permanent makeup procedures such as eyeliner and lips permanent makeup Chicago during this time! Let you be beautified!

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