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Why Is Permanent Makeup the Best for You and Your Skin in Winter?

In Chicago's winter weather, a few more minutes of sleep in a comfy bed means a lot. Yet, wearing makeup is sometimes necessary when going to work, and it takes time. This is why permanent makeup Chicago is a great way to get more sleep throughout the winter.

But why opt for permanent makeup during the winter season aside from prolonged sleep?

Perhaps the most important point to remember is that when it's chilly outside, your skin ends up losing all of its hydration, resulting in our skin's outermost part becoming brittle. Applying makeup to already fragile skin on a regular basis is extremely damaging to the tissues. Permanent makeup Chicago is a great wintertime alternative because it is safe. In the winter, dermatologists advise against over-washing your face. If you wear makeup, you'll have to wash it off at the end of the day. Permanent makeup is an exception to this rule.

Eyeliner and lips permanent makeup Chicago, eyebrow enhancement, and many other procedures are available at a professional permanent makeup clinic. Here's a quick rundown of some of the procedures:


Eyebrow enhancement procedures include eyebrow microblading Chicago, wherein eyebrow hair is linked into the dermis of your skin, drastically altering the aesthetic of your profile. Permanent eyebrow tattoo Chicago is ideal for anyone with sparse brows or battling alopecia or chemotherapy side effects, wishing to have permanent eyebrows through microblading eyebrows to make them confident.


This treatment, also termed Lip Blushing, involves softly tinting the lips to give them a richer and livelier appearance. The intensity and shading of the stain can be tailored to your preferences. Lip tinting can help persons with pale lips look healthier by adding color to their lips.


Applying eyeliner is your best bet in making our two eyes symmetrical. On the other hand, the struggle is how we define the difficulty one faces every morning while applying eyeliner, which everyone wants to be flawless. Luckily, nowadays, you may get your eyeliner inked permanently, saving you time and energy.

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