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Why Permanent Makeup Gift Card Is a Great Idea for a Gift?

Give the gift of self-assurance, convenience, and beauty with an OMSPA microblading and permanent makeup gift card Chicago whether to a friend or to yourself.

With Christmas quickly approaching, why not give someone a one-of-a-kind gift experience that they can enjoy at a time that is most convenient for them?

Our Personalized Gift Cards Advantages Include:

  • Expire 5 years from the purchase date: Do you want to wait for summer? Have a spring celebration you need to look your best for? You may keep your gift card for a whole year, so you can use it whenever you want to look your best.

  • Purchase now, decide later: Microblading gift voucher Chicago is accepted for all permanent makeup procedures. You are not obligated to use the personalized gift card in Chicago for a certain service as soon as you buy it, so you may opt to have lip blush now and microblading tomorrow if you change your mind.

  • You Choose The Amount: You have complete control over the gift card's pricing! You may donate to one of our services in lieu of buying a gift card that will pay for the whole treatment.

Why Gift Cards for Beauty Are a Good Idea

A few years ago, it probably wouldn't have gone down well to recommend that a friend should go have their eyebrows done. This isn't the case now, however, thanks to shifting perceptions that beauty treatments may be a lavish form of self-care. This is the ideal present to let them know you're paying attention if they've been contemplating or talking about getting their brows microbladed or getting a semi-permanent lip blush treatment.

Does Covid Affect My Therapy?

The 5-year expiration time and excellent scheduling flexibility keep you safe. Please contact us if you would want additional information regarding our hygiene standards and availability during the current epidemic.

Purchase Of Gift Cards

Simply click here or choose the gift card link in our menu to buy a microblading and permanent makeup gift card Chicago from OMSPA.

Terms & Conditions for OMSPA Gift Certificates

  • Voucher good for 5 years after issuing

  • The voucher cannot be combined with any other promotions.

  • Any kind of therapy may be paid for in whole or in part using a voucher.

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