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Non Laser Tattoo Removal - Why it's better than laser tattoo removal?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Usually, we love our tattoos, and sometimes, for whatever reason, we want to get rid of them. However, you may be hesitant about tattoo removal if you have heard how painful, and often unsuccessful, laser tattoo removal is. Additionally, laser tattoo removal is expensive, and often leaves scarring. Laser tattoo removal works by using light to disperse the pigment, allowing your body to flush it from your skin, often taking multiple painful treatments to do so.

Luckily, there is now accessible and affordable non laser tattoo removal Chicago residents deserve. Non laser cosmetic tattoo removal uses saline to disperse and push out the pigment to the top layers of your skin, where your body can get rid of it more easily. This is less painful, and doesn’t cause scarring and hyperpigmentation that can result from the laser tattoo removal Chicago clinics offer. This technology is more affordable for small business, and as well as for clients, making it easier to get an appointment, even at your local tattoo parlor, or at a permanent makeup salon for something like non laser eyebrow tattoo removal Chicago.

First, the person performing the non laser tattoo removal can apply a lidocaine cream to numb the skin, then the tattoo machine itself is used to trace the unwanted tattoo, lightly puncturing the dermis and allowing the removal product to be inserted into the skin, though some places simply topically apply the solution over the broken skin. Either way, the area will scab after treatment, but once the scab heals you are left with a significantly lighter tattoo, that will be able to fade much more quickly, or can be covered up more easily. This is the solution for non invasive tattoo removal Chicago has been waiting for!

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